St. Louis Performing Artist Danielle Hall Lands Debut Role in Jeanine Daniels’ Film “That Guy The Movie” with Black and Sexy TV!

Have you ever watched a television show and felt like the creator knew your life? Have you ever watched a series that kept you craving for more? Have you seen a show full of such impressive casts, that you forgot they aren’t actually those characters in real life? (Well they could be but that’s not the point lol)

Black & Sexy TV impresses me again folks.
Though, if I could give a virtual hug, it would be to the creator of the web series,That Guy, Jeanine Daniels.
Jeanine has sacrificed a lot for this production and has put every ounce of passion into it. I can tell she’s worked very hard at putting this movie together, which will debut Christmas Day! I can’t wait! I feel a viewing party in the making!
He actually is who introduced us here at TWHBW, to Black & Sexy TV. Shout out to him!
Though, guess what else? So I’m from St. Louis right?
And I am proud to say a new face of Black & Sexy TV is also a St. Louis native!
That is the amazing Danielle Hall!
Hall and I have both been fans of Black & Sexy TV, and to go from watching it on her couch, to actually being apart of this series, I know Hall is thrilled.
Interesting thing. Hall actually did get off of her couch. She got up from St. Louis and went to Los Angeles, California to live. She took a leap of faith.
/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/3fc/39903297/files/2014/12/img_3472.jpgNow look!

Listen to her story below for laughs, inspiration and more about this web series turned movie!
“Some people TALK about faith, others take action.”
– Danielle Hall

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