7 Tips for Transitioning from Relaxed Hair to Natural

Are you in the process of transitioning and don’t know what to do?


In the picture above is my sister, while she was going through the transitioning phase. Read the tips below to follow our journey!

1) To better understand what is going on with your hair, Seek professional stylists for advice.

2) Accept that your hair and that you will be going through a physical change! Embrace your natural self and hair. Shrinkage is real. You may see someone with coarse hair and assume it’s short, don’t be fooled.

3) If you refer back to #1, then you can wear your hair how you desire. Instead of having to wear braids, and or doing “The Big Chop” (that everyone is afraid of) you will find you can wear and style your hair easily.

4) You must get ends of your hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks. If relaxed ends become split, they will travel up the ends and could cause your natural hair to split. We don’t want that!

5) Wearing Braids, Sew-ins, Ponytails, Up-do Styles, can all help with transitioning! Why and how? When you leave your hair alone it grows. Also if you use the right products and have a professional stylist, you are sure to reap great benefits.

6) While wearing your own hair and having the 2 textures (relaxed and natural) , a deep penetrating conditioner and a trim will have people guessing what’s new with your hair. It’ll look that refreshed!

CurLuxe naturals has great products!!


7) Don’t let anyone discourage you on your journey through this transitional phase. Everyone including yourself will not always like it, but the results are rewarding not only for physical appearance but for a future of your health. Especially for women that may be taking medication, I strongly encourage you to transition to natural if you haven’t already.

Pictured below is my beautiful sister. She had to do the ‘Big Chop’ and she wasn’t happy about it initially. Though the steps you just read are the steps we used through her process of healthy hair growth and transitioning. This is only within a 8 month time frame people! These tips really help! Embrace your hair! Have fun with it! And if you need any help feel free to reach out to me and comment below love! This is a NO JUDGE zone. 🙂




Do you have any helpful tips? Leave some below! Be well!

Yours Truly,
Joi Lewis
Professional Hair Stylist

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