Get The Job You Want! Boost Your Career Confidence With Career Coach Michele Badie!

Are you ready for a change in your career?

For years I have tried different career fields. I have tried Culinary Arts, Cosmetology, Retail Sales, Legal Administrative and more! Though I have learned so much in each of these industries, they all have something in common; they weren’t for me. I tried to make them work but I found myself tapping into a new industry when one failed me. Running away from one career choice will not lead us into the perfect workforce without learning from mistakes. One mistake I know I have made in the past is allowing different employers break me down so bad to where I doubted myself. I doubted my skills, gifts and talents. If my confidence started lacking, what do you think that did to my work performance? Low self-esteem in the workplace definitely hinders work performance. If you don’t perform well, not only does it go against you but it hurts the company as well.

Before finding where you really want to work and how you’d like to contribute great skills to a growing company, you have to take care of your health first. Stress in the workplace can effect your health. Stress can cause headaches, or even stomach-aches. Stress can encourage bad habits such as drinking, smoking or anything else that may not be ideal for your body. Don’t allow the enemy break you down like this. Instead seek assistance! I have! I have found a Career Confidence Coach! I didn’t even know a such thing existed!

Meet Michele Badie, Career Confidence Coach. Founder of

michele badie

Badie has formulated an inspirational ten tip career confidence course.

Are you ready to boost your career confidence?

Badie is ready to help you!

She has offered this very helpful course for FREE to 25 of my readers!

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10 Tips For Inspiring Career Confidence

“This career confidence course provides ten career confidence booster tips that are easy for students to implement and be a part of their everyday lifestyle. The tips will transform career confidence in students to be bold and evident in the way that they carry themselves and choose to pursue their desired career path with a sincere passion, focus, and determination.

To get a rewarding return on your investment from this course, it is important that you dedicate time daily to reviewing and practicing the recommended tips, affirmations, and career confidence building activities.

Students will feel empowered at the conclusion of the course to be more strategic in their career planning and be prepared to overcome career mindset challenges that may be preventing them from viewing themselves as a qualified candidate. The insight shared from this course will transition students’ to developing a plan of action that will connect them to success triggers that will connect them to the job or career path that they desire.”

I am excited to share this great experience with you all! Be sure to subscribe to The Wire Hanger by Winnie if you aren’t already a loyal subscriber in order to enroll in this Career Confidence Course for FREE!

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