From Atlanta to Ferguson | Run For Justice

runforjustice20 Days Ago

“On November 3rd , I Londrelle Hall accompanied by Ray Mills And The Flawed Foundation will embark on a journey (by foot) from Atlanta,
Georgia to Ferguson, Missouri.


To Raise Awareness For Racial Injustice And Police Brutality In America

Short Term Goal?

To raise funds to help the families of Mike Brown, John Crawford
and Charles Smith With Legal Fee’s as well as to help with bail and court fees
of those wrongfully arrested during the protest of Mike Browns death. Also to
Organize a “ Million Man March” In Ferguson Missouri upon the arrival of runners

Long Term Goal?

To raise funds to open a afterschool / summer program for black
youth, with programs based on African History, Arts, Critical and Free Thinking,
Entrepreneurship and Youth Empowerment.


Throughout this journey I (and any participating along the way) will need assistance
with water, food, shelter (minimal) and automobile guidance (at night) along the

This amazing young man has finally made it here.

Tense Ferguson, Missouri Awaits Grand Jury Findings In Shooting Of Michael Brown

He’s shared his journey via and also on his Instagram page @londrelle
Only he knows the hurdles he may have endured, but he kept pushing. And with the accompanying of Ray Mills shows a STRONG bond.

Let’s look at this journey as an example of the miles and lengths we need to go for one another.

Honestly most people are in the mindset of thinking twice about running a mile to help someone, this man ran across the country. Beautiful. Regardless of what may be on the news, I wanted to highlight THIS. UNITY. SUPPORT. GENUINE.

If you’d like to help him along his continuous positive journey for our community, visit HERE!!


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