Tired Of A Teeny Weeny Afro | How To Create A Faux Bun

So I am going to bombard my stylist, Joi Lewis’ section real quick. LOL

I saw this article via BlackHairInformation.com and I instantly was excited. I rock the short hair now but even then….(whispers) it’s not mine.

I have a TWA, also known as a teeny weeny afro


and I just wanted a versitile look so I have been rocking this very believable sew in thanks to my girl Joi. But BHI got my attention because they have a tutorial on how to create a bun if you have natual curly kinky short hair!

“So let me get this straight: you have a TWA but you want to wear your hair in a bun? Well in this life, all things are possible, so keep reading. The key to doing this is to have a little bit of length on your TWA, maybe about 6- 12 months worth of growth so that you can get the back to at least form a ponytail with the help of a little gel or stretch.

In the video Traeh starts out on freshly washed and detangled hair and to create the style she used the following tools:

Pony tail holder

Rat tail comb

Gel with great hold

Loose braid hair

Bobby pins


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