Kinks & Curls in the Career World ft CurLuxeNaturals CEO Anikitia Abram

       When starting your own business, the most successful businesses start up to fulfill a personal need. That is exactly what Founder of CurLuxeNaturals, Anikitia Abram accomplished; fulfilling her personal needs for her hair.


The inspiration behind CurLuxeNaturals derives from Abram not seeing many products for 4C type hair.

hair types

Abram craved a moisturizing hair product without too much water. Water is good for natural hair but Abram found that products with an aloe vera base was better for 4C type hair, but was also scarce in the industry. That’s when Abram took matters into her own hands. Abram desired to showcase that we as African American women, all have beautiful hair, no matter the texture; “Every curl is of luxury,” states Abram.


       So I totally agree with Abram that every curl should be treated as luxury, but I am one of those busy women who doesn’t get a chance to tend to my hair like I’d want to. I am also one of those women that suffers from stress showing in my hair where it may cause thinning and/or breakage. So I had to ask Abram her tips on this issue!

Anikitia Abram’s Tips for Luxurious Stress Free Hair!


-Talk that issue out! We as women have a tendance to bottle up emotions. We think talking to a counselor is cliche! It is not! It’s someone to vent to who won’t judge you and will give you the best advice for you
-Realize what we may think is a big deal, most of the time isn’t. Don’t let little things overwhelm you.
-Observe things before you react. Sometimes reacting out of emotion before logic will have an effect on your precious hair!
-Do NOT take on more responsibility than you need to. It’s okay to ask for help or let go of unnecessary things. Especially if you are dating/married to someone. Don’t take on every bill, split bills if finances stresses you out, delegate jobs to your partner or someone close to you who you help, and that also helps you!

The Wire Hanger By Winnie: Here at TWHBW, the motto is ‘Hang up your problems and move on to better.’

What would you advise aspiring entrepreneurs to let go of in order to prosper?

Abram: I had to learn to trust God. I tried to learn things on my own, and as a result with my first business it didn’t prosper as planned and I spent A LOT of money that I didn’t need to. I would definitely advise you to have God in your business . Also do not worry about others. Let go of comparing your moment to others. Your time will come. Just listen to God and follow your dream. One thing I was blessed with is finding an affordable chemist. I wanted to create a hair product to meet the needs of women with really kinky hair, and when I stepped out on faith and learned to trust in God, everything fell into place.

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