Haute Hair Chronicles by J|How To Beat The Battle of Hair Loss

Are you battling with hair loss? What can you say lead up to your hair loss?

What products do you use? How often do you seek professional advice?


Hair loss is common, from poor dieting, medications, stress, disease, and hereditary. Having any medical condition can cause a chemical imbalance, a mineral deficiency in which the hair (the body) is lacking a required amount of minerals .

Small things such as wearing too many hats, helmets, or cap (wig cap) can help to trigger hair loss! When this occurs the flow of blood slows down in that area. You have to awaken the area with a scalp massage and professional analysis, process may last up to 3-4 months!


Vivid Tips

~Book a Healthy Hair Consultation!

Click here for more details!

~Ask your caregiver about the side affect the medication can cause!

How To Do Your Part


~Take time to care for your hair. Massage your scalp! Use essential oils! Your hair is just a small effortless piece to a healthy lifestyle.

~Drink a lot of water. Water nourishes our skin, hair and nails more than we think!

~Every woman should be able to alternate any and all hairstyles without having issues with styling.

~Exude confidence and positive thinking you can have better hair!

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