The Woman Behind Essence

Caroline Hughes

The University of Mississippi hosted Essence Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Vanessa Bush this past Wednesday, October 8th at our 5th annual Amplify, Clarify and Testify Conference Experience. The ACT Experience welcomes media industry leaders from all over to interact with students and faculty here in Oxford.

My IMC 306 class had the privilege of listening to Mrs. Bush’s lecture about the future of print as well as her time working for Essence Magazine and her knowledge of the magazine’s ideals.

To hear more about the keynote speaker, Vanessa Bush, be sure to check out my Storify where I aggregated coverage of the event, as well as my personal live-tweeting! Also, search the #micact5 on Twitter for more coverage from fellow conference-attendees.

It was an honor to hear from such a high profile, media influence. Thank you, Vanessa, for sharing your advice and opinions on the current print industry.

To end on Mrs. Bush’s wise words, “print is NOT dead.”

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