10 Reasons to Fall In Love w/The Single Wives Club

Bold. Bawsy. Beautiful. Submissive. Determined. Unique. Innovative.

These are just a few of the million words I could use to describe The Single Wives Club.


If you remember I interviewed CEO of The Single Wives Club, Koereyelle DuBose, and soon after I was intrigued to join!

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I attended the 2nd Annual Single Wives Weekend Conference in Atlanta Georgia this past weekend, and it was amazing. I am back in St. Louis and still on cloud nine.

There are so many amazing moments, I wish I could capture them all, but until now I will share what I can.Each time I saw a Single Wife Sis, I just had to give a big hug. Speaking with these women in teleclasses and online werkshops were amazing but seeing them in person gave me life! And we are women with everyday lives, so things happen. A highlight for me is that one of the SWC members shared with me her worry of being able to have children and I could tell she was very stressed. Instead of just saying,”Ok girl I have you in my prayers.” I put my stuff down and asked to join hands with her at that moment and pray over her situation. We cried, we laughed, we united. I felt the love for me from women who treated me as their birth sister. Being a Single Wife is an amazing thing.

So anywho, Single Wives Weekend was hosted in Atlanta Georgia from Oct. 17-19th, 2014. Women gathered from everywhere, Georgia, Missouri, Ohio, Alabama, Maryland, New York, Texas and more! There were speakers and several different hosts. So below is my list of some of the amazing advice I received this weekend.

1. Give yourself permission. Permission to love life and have fun! Make time for YOU because you are the one person you will always have. – Former Miss Black USA, Lead Producer on The Tom Joyner Morning Show, Author and more, Deya “Direct” Smith www.deyadirect.net

2. Treat you man like a dog. LOL yes. Dogs love to be greeted with your love and smile when you arrive home, why wouldn’t your man? Dogs love to be fed a nice meal. Prepare a meal for your man! Dogs love to be cuddled with, cuddle with your man. 🙂 – School of Seduction Instructor Harley Jackson www.school-of-seduction.com

3. Find multiple streams of income. Think of what people ask you for help with constantly! – CEO of The Single Wives Club, Koereyelle DuBose

4. Simply compliment, strike conversation. Women complain about not being in a relationship with a man but can’t even build a friendship with a woman! – Entertainment Attorney, Precious Anderson- pr

5. Know your rights when it comes to your credit report. And also don’t defer student loans! It adds on more interests and can damage your credit. -Credit Repair Expert, Arnita Johnson www.ambcredit.com

6. Whatever you do well, don’t do it for free. -Owner of Turning Natural Juice Bar, Jerri Evans

7. It is possible to be faithful to one person for decades. Real love exists. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! – Romance Coach, Rissy Ervin

8. If you’re a single parent, realize that you will become a blended family once you meet someone to date and then marry. And that’s okay. -Partner of Black and Married With Kids, Ronnie Tyler BlackAndMarriedWithKids.com

9. Make sure your mate is your friend first. – Author Ardre Orie

10. Patience is key. Gain patience, patience, patience. -Author Lakia Brandenburg


This weekend was amazing!! It was awesome meeting all of the ladies!
If you are interested in joining, please CLICK HERE!!!













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