Faith & Fortune|Home Improvement Company Brings Hope Back to St. Louis

Have you ever felt like all hope was lost? Have you ever tried completing a project, then finally threw in the towel? I’m sure one person in particular has experienced those questions above. Though, he conquered from it.

I introduce to you,

Nathan Marshall.


CEO of 180 Improvements & Maintenance, Marshall, has first hand experience taking one person’s trash and turning it into someone else’s treasure.



The Motto for 180 Improvements and Maintenance is the following:

“Improving the community and economy through good craftsmanship and creative entrepreneurship.”

Creative he is. And I believed that is what stands out about Marshall. This is an art form for him!


Listen to this hilarious yet very informative interview below! We cover more about 180, but also the interesting experiences that come along with specializing in Home Improvements and Maintenance.


Check out his work!!!














“Nathan Marshall is an artist at heart. While he enjoys working with his hands, the true pleasure of running a business seems to come from the ability to transform the world into a better place– beautifying our surroundings and making quality of life better through creativity, problem-solving, hard work, and care for his clients, employees, and the community,” via


Interested in doing business with Marshall? Feel free to contact him via telephone (314.825.5954) or by email (

3 thoughts on “Faith & Fortune|Home Improvement Company Brings Hope Back to St. Louis

  1. Amelia White says:

    i think stl could use the ambition and skill of 180 improvements a LOT…as well as the creative entrepreneurship of Mr Marshall. teaming up with a rising star like Ms Caldwell was a wonderful idea as far as business goes because both of you have a large net already cast over STL in your respective fields. im looking forward to seeing both of you doing more in the community and am willing to help in any way i can.

  2. Johnny Nguyen says:

    Friendly & personable service; quick clean & efficient. Tackled several random jobs long overdue – patched holes in basement walls, essentially waterproofed a flooding home, secured a droopy 2nd story balcony – well under the property owner’s budgeted amount.
    The your service is great.

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