Celebrity Stylist Uses Rough Lifestyle to Transform Others

Cashe Royal, Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist, is definitely a walking testimony. She struts strong in her high heels, but it has not been all crystal stairs.
At the young age of 4 years old, Royal’s life was in danger. Being the child of a drug dealer and a drug user, was not the ideal lifestyle of Royal. Especially when another man was involved.
Royal recalls as a child, taking a ride with her mother, her mom’s drug dealing boyfriend, and her three brothers (two twins and one infant). An altercation arose in the car between her mother and her mother’s boyfriend while driving. After swerving through construction sites, the boyfriend (the driver) decided to pull over and get out of the car. But he did not get out alone. Her mother’s boyfriend decided to take her baby brother with him. After fighting off Royal’s mother, the boyfriend walked to the middle of the freeway and ended the infant’s life by dropping him in the middle of traffic. 4 year old Cashe Royal, and her 1 year old brothers witnessed this. Even though it was hard to understand for Royal, this incident stuck with her for the rest of her life.
Then the next chapter opens for Royal. Glory to God, Royal was able to withstand the following: going to foster care, moving home to home, being picked up my her father and aunt, living with her uncle then also with her grandmother. Royal could no longer live with her mother, after the murder of her infant brother. Her mother continued to struggle with drugs and was also in a psych ward. Unfortunately, after losing her son, she could no longer fathom holding an infant. But she was blessed with an amazing child of God, Cashe Royal.
Despite the trials in her childhood, Royal was able to get a good education, was an honor roll student and hosted several assemblies.
Royal then was able to graduate top of her highschool class, and soon thereafter enrolled in Bethune Cookman College.
“My mother’s sister told me at the age of 18, I’d ruin my life. She said ‘You’re just gonna ruin your life’,” Royal recalls. “That may have been my motivation to break the cycle in my family of becoming pregnant young.”
Thankfully, Royal learned lessons in her dating life, such as: valuing herself not to settle for mistreatment, to recognize that a cheating man is not a worthy man and that abuse is NOT okay.
Royal also went through trials in marriage as well. Meeting a guy in Palm Bay who was once the love of her life, also got in legal trouble due to being a drug dealer. Royal didn’t know about his arrest until it was aired on local television. Royal was devastated but she knew she had to protect herself. Her now ex husband thought so as well, pertaining to the fact that he decided not to continue the marriage once he was released. Going through these trials and tribulations, Royal has learned how to stand strong.
Royal uses what she’s overcome to encourage others. Styling celebrities and more, Royal increases individuals’ confidence daily. When she’s not styling she’s educating at Hollywood Central Elementary School, in Hollywood, Florida. The children love her for her energy, her smile and her style!
And now we can see that Royal didn’t allow her family history to consume her.
Along with styling, Royal has history of modeling for several companies such as BET, and magazines and more. Even though the entertainment industry tempted Royal to indulge in drugs, she has always refused. Being around that lifestyle didn’t tempt Royal. Obviously royalty can’t be compromised.
Interested in having your look with transformed with Royal Fudge Styling? Email Cashe Royal at royalfudgestyling@aol.com Also follow her on Instagram @royalfudgestyling
Check out some of her looks below!




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