Moving On|ATL Exes Christina Johnson and Willie Wallace!

Have you seen VH1’s Atlanta Exes? If not you missed out. Yes, the season finale aired this past Monday, September 29th. I love all of the ladies, but I have to acknowledge the most down to earth woman in my eyes from Atlanta Exes, and that is Christina Johnson.
She was introduced in the show as CeeLo’s ex wife, but closed the finale next to her new boo, Willie Wallace.
Being a single, strong, woman, I definitely related to Christina. I understand being hesitant to something new. Though, I am very proud that she learned to let her guard down. That is a habit that a lot of women (even men) need to break. Christina didn’t just stop there though. She decided to break another habit, her diet. And not only did Willie support her, but he joined her in her new lifestyle journey.
I can’t go without applauding how great it is to see Willie stand by Christina. It is definitely a blessing to have a friend like that along with being in a relationship. Recently I attended a revival service and this scripture was the theme.
I know Willie and Christina aren’t married, but the point is Willie was willing to give up a bit of himself to join the detox journey with Christina! Yes!
Juicing helped Christina not only physically but also spiritually. With the guidance of Tierra Burrell, Founder of, both Christina and Willie lost a ton of weight and were revealed so much during their 10 Day Holistic Detox!
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Thank you so much Christina and Willie for making time for me! Also thank you for the encouragement as I go on my fast! I wish you guys much success in your future and also in your spiritual journey and love life!
If you’re in the Atlanta Area!
Click Here For Winnie’s Personal Testimony!
 Thank You and God Bless!


4 thoughts on “Moving On|ATL Exes Christina Johnson and Willie Wallace!

  1. Anthony says:

    I loved it. It was something I needed to read and listen to at the time. It’s been an extremely rough day. SN: I’m extremely proud of you. You’ve come a long way.

  2. Bri says:

    Love how you captured the essence of a strong relationship! Support from your significant other is so important, ESP when you are on a spiritual journey! Beautiful couple!!

  3. Lori says:

    I really loved and enjoyed their interview, thank you. It was such a breathe of fresh air on both their parts. I loved when Willie said “…our son..” when referring to Christina’s son. You can really feel the strength of their love and relationship, and it’s lovely hearing how supportive Willie had been.

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