“Less of me, More of you Lord” Fast

“Less of me, More of you Lord” Fast

This fast I just started consists of taking away food/beverages I have been feeding my body; that is of my desire but not the best for my body. Our body is our temple, so we should treat it like such. We can look like royalty on the outside, but like a dump truck on the inside, and that’s not okay. Because eventually that junk will show itself.

Therefore I decided to start fasting for two weeks. Although, I hope this fast encourages me to eat healthier and also I hope to gain the utmost clarity out of this fast as well.

I have learned thus far that what we feed our body can cloud our judgement and our vision.

These are the items I am fasting from:
Meat/Fish- Oh how I love to eat meat and fish, but with that being a desire, I have decided to sacrifice. God sacrificed Jesus Christ for us, the least I can do is learn how to sacrifice to be closer to Him.

SodaI love soda but I know with it being so high in sugar, it’s not the healthiest for me. So why feed that into my body?

Alcohol- Oh how I have had days where I’d shout “I need a drink!” But that is definitely not the best way to handle things. Alcohol and other substances can cloud one’s judgement terribly.

I recently had someone tell me that he knew drinking and smoking was bad for him, but he liked it so much so he was just gonna continue to do so.

Yeah that doesn’t work for me.

In fact, I am actually on Day 3 as of today with my fast!

I have consumed foods such as: Salads, Steamed/Boiled Rice, Plenty of veggies, Pasta, Beans, Fruits and more.

It’s quite interesting what you can come up with when you decide to fast from meat and fish. But it’s not bad! I don’t have a set meal plan just yet but I am sure, further in my journey I will have more to share. 🙂

Beverages: I have never liked drinking water (without lemon) but the mindset I had when I began this fast, is ‘I need more of you Lord’. He created the water, so why not fill my body with that? So I am forcing myself to indulge in great amounts of water lol

Also I LOVE tea, so when I am not drinking water, I am drinking pomegranate, lemon, green or black tea.

So far I have come to realization on a couple things:
-Letting go of bad things or just old things can feel so good. Like letting go of people who are no value to you, letting go of clothes that you can no longer fit, letting go of knick knacks at home that you’ll never use! Unclutter your life!

-Somebody asked me why I am really fasting. I said because I need to get a word from God. I need to spiritually feel closer to Him. Financial burdens and material things tried to break me. But I am not fasting because I am broke, I am fasting because I am broken. I am not disturbed but I have allowed disturbances in my life that were unnecessary. Such as putting too much on my schedule, expecting too much of myself, criticizing myself, trying to please others who don’t really care, looking for love in the wrong places and allowing negative people to have a say so in my life. These are all distractions and disturbances. 3 days ago I decided to disconnect myself from those disturbances.

And now I am here sharing my journey with you! I will keep you posted on my journey! Any questions please comment below or also follow me on

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