Peace & Unity|Midwest Native Darren Jackson Debut Video MIDWESTSIDE ft Chris Grindz

Darren Jackson’s MIDWESTSIDE ft Chris Grindz has me speechless! This St. Louis artist is definitely bringing a new, brighter sound to Midwest music! I got a feel of a sound like Travie McCoy, mixed with a the energy of Bruno Mars yet with a more urban twang to it! (Did I just say twang? Maybe it’s a Midwest thang lol) But this video? I love love love it!


I wasn’t expecting so many different costumes but its definitely entertaining, as a artist should be!



This video stood out to me in several ways, such as:
1. The Midwest is a great place to live despite what some may think, we are so innovative and cultural!


2. The Midwest is a huge melting pot, I think w/the different ethniticies and even the costumes, and also different age groups, it shows unity!

3. I believe this video debut has arrived at a beautiful time. The Midwest is still mourning over Mike Brown. The Midwest is still fighting for justice, yet in this video it shows that we can come together to kick it, peacefully, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that we can support one another wholeheartedly!


This video debut gets two thumbs up from me!

And I can’t go without quoting Darren, “We gone make the world see that we still winnin”

About Darren Jackson
Darren Jackson is an American hiphop/soul/pop recording artist from St. Louis, Missouri. Spreading across the vast galaxy of the Internet one step at a time, this new rapper has gained thousands of fans and loyal supporters in just 6 months with only two released singles. Traveling state to state to pursue his dreams, this fresh talent does not just perform; he is an artist, entrepreneur, musician, and has already started his own nonprofit organization (Job and Leadership Training – Mission St. Louis) and record label (Edge Life Records).

Currently, Jackson is on an 8 city MIDWESTSIDE tour with featured artist Chris Grindz, an underground rapper emerging in the freestyle community from St. Louis. With 5 cities down and 3 to go Darren plans to continue growing his DIY career in Los Angeles and online with the help of his fans. Stay tuned for more feel-good singles from his upcoming EP “Cool Kids Paradise”, due for release Spring 2015.

Darren Jackson
Edge Life Records




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