V. Taybron|How to Get What You Want Out of Online Dating

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to speak with Koereyelle DuBose,

CEO of The Single Wives Club! This woman does an amazing job empowering women to become better women for themselves before marriage. I was so impressed after interviewing DuBose that I decided to join SWC myself! Not only have I learned things about myself to become a better woman, but I have also improved professionally as well!

 I am always pleased with the new things I learn in Werkshops presented by SWC. DuBose has brought in very influential women to host different types of calls to empower women whether its for your brand or your dating life. One of those influential women that is by DuBose’ side is the wonderful Vaquesha Taybron, also known as V. 

B. Alyssa Trofort Photography

Taybron is not only a Single Wife but also the CEO of her catering company Savor V where her delectable treats are “Made from scratch. Produced with love.” 

B. Alyssa Trofort Photography

Taybron wears many hats as Event Planner, Caterer, Single Wife and more as you can see! Today I will touch on one aspect that gravitated me towards Taybron. Watching her co-host Single Wives TV with DuBose, I noticed Taybron had no problem sharing her love of God even when the topic was dating. Going through the journey of being a Single Wife with Taybron opened my eye to another journey she inspired me to try…online dating. Now I haven’t been online dating for long so there were some things I needed to learn.

 Thanks to Taybron, she shared a class she recently hosted for the Single Wives Club, with us here at The Wire Hanger By Winnie!

 In her class she spoke of how to make an appealing profile, how to demand respect and more! Also as another gift from The Single Wives Club, there’s a free WerkSheet compiled by Taybron that you can download to keep up with the advice she’s giving today!


Click below to listen to the call now!

cupcake 4

me 1

Questions for V. Taybron? Contact her via:


Email: Love@SaVorV.com
Website: SaVorV.com 
Instagram: @DomesticQueenV
“The Queen of All Things Domestic”






3 thoughts on “V. Taybron|How to Get What You Want Out of Online Dating

  1. goldnchild13 says:

    I loveeeeed it!! I can relate to her so much. She gave alot advice on dating. We all have the picture in our heads what we want our love life to be like. But life throws hail stones at you.

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