Online Dating|For Love or Entertainment?

Online dating can serious business to some, or just mere entertainment to others. Recently I decided to join an online dating site. I joined! It was one of those nights I was up and I couldn’t sleep and I wasn’t quite ready to go to bed either. So I had the great idea to sign up for an online dating site. I am always told not to limit myself to the options in my city, so I thought, “Well this is an easy way to meet others around the world without leaving my city!”

Although, I also told myself, I wouldn’t take it too seriously but also if I were to meet a nice guy, I wouldn’t pass up a good opportunity either. So I guess i am one of those people using online dating as entertainment but I will admit, it’d be nice to meet someone as well.

Funny thing, it was reminded to me that this story was a bit familiar. My mother, who has been single most of my life, decided when I was 20 years old that she wanted to try online dating. But not to date of course, for entertainment. πŸ™‚ I remember she’d tell me about interesting people and not so interesting people she would talk to. Then one day I noticed her attention was veering towards one gentleman in particular. She actually found someone online that she liked! After months of getting to know one another, my mother traveled from St. Louis to Apple Valley California to meet the person she was infatuated with. It was hard for me to accept this as I can be a bit protective of my mother, but I was open to something new, seeing that she was.

Though I did not know what all I was getting into, accepting something new with her. My mother has normally been pretty good with interacting with just about anyone. So it didn’t surprise me when she revealed her Cali love to me, that he was another race. Interracial dating wasn’t something that we talked about but I also knew that it was accepted because my mother raised me and my brother to love anyone.

So now that I have tried online dating, I decided to join I am open to trying new things and meeting new people. I mean the motto of this blog is “Hang up your problems and move on to better.” I haven’t been on a date in a while, and that’s not a problem because I have learned so much about myself but I also believe in getting out and moving to a better way of living. So far I really like how interracial dating is set up. It gives you the options of what you are looking for, what hobbies you’re into, your beliefs, zodiac signs and more fun things! I am sure it will be a fun ride and I am eager to see what great things will come from it.

Oh by the way, that Cali love that my mother traveled to see? They are now happily married in California together and just celebrated their five year anniversary! And to think, my mother was just looking for entertainment. πŸ™‚



Click here to try for yourself!

10 thoughts on “Online Dating|For Love or Entertainment?

  1. sincerelyashleyxo says:

    So0o0 this is an awesome write up! In this day in age, online dating is the norm, but some can’t wrap their head around it so sometimes for me it’s awkward telling my mom “Hey mom I met so & so online” lol…she is so anti-Internet though. I too also believe in keeping my options open which leads me to interracial dating. I always use to wonder where are the men who aren’t my race looking for women like me. Like where do I go? lol please keep us updated on your journey using this site.

  2. adhill78 says:

    After our call with V on online dating, I decided to give online dating another try. After reading this, I believe I will try the site you suggested! Great read love!!

  3. brittanynicolexoxo says:

    I really enjoyed this!! I found you from the Quite facebook page πŸ™‚ Followed, and look forward to your future posts! I blog too if you want to check it out πŸ™‚

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