Live on the Red Carpet for Jaron Eggleston’s Soigne Runway Fashion Show!

Sunday, August 17th 2014, I was honored to interview some very stylish influential people here in St. Louis at the Soigné Red Carpet Runway Fashion Show!


I had to arrive stylish myself ya know. Picture below is of my son Sidney and I. Don’t we make a cute pair?


But I honestly feel like I had a 2-n-1 deal!! The individuals that I spoke with (Tan Hollywood, Shan Keith, Latoya Elnora and Niombe) were so amazing! Then after the interviews came the amazing show! Pics and videos below!!

 Tan Hollywood and I



Speaking with Tan Hollywood, was amazing. Hollywood has her own modeling/talent agency right here in St. Louis! Though speaking to her it seems she’s always strutting to another city! If you are interested in modeling, yet also building your knowledge within the talent industry, please listen to the interview below with her! She exudes nothing but class, love and fierceness! Definitely a motivational woman who is empowering beautiful individuals around the country. If you would like to reach out to her for her services, visit her at : 1409 Washington Ave. St. Louis, MO or call  314-943-2700! Tell her Winnie sent you! Listen below!

Latoya Elnora and I



Latoya Elnora, personal stylist was a joy to speak with! She had such a warm vibe, free spirit and bright spirit!! Tune in below to listen to her wonderful interview!! “A personal styling and personal shopping service based in St. Louis,  Latoya Elnora works one-on-one with our clients to help you develop a personal style that will flatter body type and physical features. Latoya Elnora works to suits both lifestyle and  personality needs. Latoya Elnora understands not everyone has the time, knowledge or talent for shopping and pairing clothes together in a way that best project personal image. Along with handling all your styling needs and making great style effortless, Latoya Elnora offers tips, tools and styling secrets easy for individual upkeep.” 


Some of my fave looks from the show!



Styled by Jaron


Styled by Jaron



Makal Cross


(From left to right in above pic) Styled by Jaron, 2 piece short set by Booteek and 2 piece skirt set by Booteek


Styled by Jaron


Styled by Jaron


Styled by Jaron (above)





House ov Beeombi (above)


SonyaMarie Boutique



Styled by Jaron



Styled By Jaron



Styled by Jaron (above)


Styled by Jaron (above)







The man of the hour himself, in his new upcoming clothing line, Jaron Eggleston!



Jaron Closing the show w/baby daughter!

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