Will Catlett Speaks on Faith, “FIRST”, & Love

Recently I discovered this hit web series “FIRST”, a modern day Love Jones documenting the milestones of dating as childhood friends. Robin (Jahmeela Biggs) and Charles (Will Catlett) fall in love one first at a time and we get to view it all!


This awesome web series is created by Jahmela Biggs and directed by James Bland. I love the entire cast, and everything about FIRST, though Will Catlett who plays Charles, caught my attention.willcatlett

In the series he’s real, passionate, a man but as a viewer you see emotions arise that men try to hide. A lot of viewers say FIRST encourages them to love again, to try harder or to just simply believe love still exists. Listen to the interview below to see where Charles aka Will Catlett comes from, his take on FIRST and what else is to come!


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