I Turned My Diagnosis Into a Therapeutic Movement

For those of you who may know, or may not know, I have been managing an Instagram Photo Challenge that I started June 1, 2014. The challenge is #30Days2PamperMe, which encourages others from all over the world to take care of themselves, mentally, physically and spiritually.




It has been an amazing journey so far. There have been awesome responses from the participants so far, stating they’ve reached a sense of clarity, increased ‘self-love’, and demanding peace in life…just to name a few.

I engage with each participant once I see a new entry for the challenge. I have noticed some of the participants step out of their comfort zone, try new things, demand time for self and much more.

My mission for this challenge consists of the following for my participants:

-No matter if you complete 3 days or 30 days, the important thing is that you made the choice to start catering to YOU, many people couldn’t even dedicate their time to that! Kudos to you!

– The realization that we can consume our time with everything EXCEPT doing things for ourselves, but is it always good for us? Is it always beneficial? I won’t tell you how to schedule your time, but I will encourage to squeeze in a dedicated time for YOU

– It’s okay to say no to others and OF COURSE to yourself

Where did this challenge derive from?

It was actually an exercise I did while in therapy. I went to therapy a month after losing my place in a tornado. I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after that incident. I was paranoid, afraid I’d lose someone everyday and very irritable. But I refused to stay that way. Once I attended therapy and did the exercise for 7 days which encouraged me to do something for ME I wanted to continue that. And it’s helped so much that I wanted others to partake! Now I can say I don’t suffer from those side effects of PTSD any longer and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been!

Thank you for your support! 

And never allow anything to hinder the amazing person you are!!!



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