The Power of the P|Tips to Reach Your Goal

You can be powerful or pitiful. But you can’t be both.”


I saw this picture and it instantly encouraged me to share some clarity, inspiration and wisdom. Whether you are aiming to get through school and graduate, move up in your workplace, or start your own business, power and pity may both strike you; though it is your choice what you want to entertain. What you entertain is a reflection of you to others. I’d advise not to allow negativity to discourage you. Instead take it as a challenge. If you are running a marathon and you see the finish line, just because someone on the sidelines says you can’t make it, doesn’t make that finish line disappear. Opportunity only vanishes if you give up. Also remember those releasing negativity from the sidelines, AREN’T running. You hold the power to get where you want to be in life. If life gets you down, it’s okay. You are human. But you are also great at what you do. Think back to what made you want to start this race in the first place. What gave you that push? What made you continue running for your dreams? Never lose sight that whatever you may be pursuing is a gift straight to you from God and its meant for YOU. In case others don’t see your vision as clearly, remember it’s for YOU. My son had to start wearing glasses recently, and he tried mine on. That is when he realized we have two different visions. So don’t compare your goal chasing to others and don’t lets others affect your tread. If there was a fork in the road of your race to success, which do you think is more beneficial? Taking the powerful road or the pitiful road? The choice is yours.

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