Colin Drew Speaks on Music,Dating & Inspiration


Colin Drew of Lebanon, Illinois is bringing a fresh new sound from the Midwest. Drew partnered with music producer, Ronnie Notch in 2012. We definitely appreciate Notch for introducing this talented artist.

“Colin was the first artist I saw myself being able to invest in, with 100% risk being on myself, said Notch.  “It’s funny because the day that my son was born, I had my MacBook with me at the hospital to watch football with my wife. I also worked on different tracks and that was the day ‘Beyond Amazing’ was created.”

Notch continued, “My wife heard the track and thought Twista would sound great on it and the rest is history. If you really knew Colin, it’s hard not to cheer for this underdog. He never needs to be reminded to be great.”

I sat down a few days ago to chat with Drew, an Arlington, Virginia native.

The Wire Hanger by Winnie: I heard the new hit ‘All Makes Sense’ featuring rapper, Saint Orleans. 20140429-064300.jpg

What inspired this hot new single?

Colin Drew: It’s dedicated to people who had a high school crush. You get the general idea that these people like you.  Then you say, “Well, I guess not, then you find out it’s true.” In the song, it is realized that it all makes sense because the girl was shy. I actually have been in that situation before. When making music, I always try to think of something I can build a story from.

TWHBW: How long have you been in the music game?

CD: I realized that I wanted to be a music artist at sixteen years old. Ronnie Notch introduced me to the music game in the year of 2012. We had an interview and spoke on some things and everything just really kicked off.

TWHBW: A little birdie told me you were shy, but in your song ‘All Makes Sense,’ your voice is very strong. Does music have an effect on your comfort level?

CD: I guess that’s the true sign of a Gemini [laughs] but creating music is getting me out of my shell. Being in the music industry has inspired me to open up.

TWHBW: How would you describe your sound to new listeners?

CD: I like for my listeners to connect. I want to make music where people have been through what I’m singing. If you can’t connect emotionally with your listeners, you can’t reel ‘em in. But overall I like to make happy music.

TWHBW: If dating, how do you balance catering to women who listen to your music and also making that special lady in your life happy?

CD: If I am with someone, she will know the song is about her. But I normally don’t have too many problems balancing my relationship and my career. Plus, I’d like it to be clear that I am single.

TWHBW: Who was a main supporting as you chased your dream of becoming a music artist?

CB: Other than Ronnie Notch, I’d say a close friend of mine, D- Fresh and my mother. D- Fresh would push me a lot to do music. My mother pushed me a lot.  At first she wanted me to have a back-up plan. At first she didn’t support the dream; she thought it was a dream too far to reach for. After she saw the passion and drive that I had for music [like even going to school for music], she really had my back. Everything she heard, she gave me a positive review on.

TWHBW: I did hear the news about your mother passing. You and your family have definitely been lifted up in prayer. What music would you listen to for uplifting?

CD: I really appreciate it. As soon as the situation happened, a lot of people told me to take a break. All I needed was one day off. For a motivational push, I’d write new music to get through it. Honestly, Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ really made me happy [laughs] and inspired me to get my day started.

TWHBW: Speaking of the hot song releasing soon, ‘Beyond Amazing’ is featuring Twista! How does it feel having such a legendary artist featured on your song?

CD: It was crazy! I thought Ronnie [Notch] was lying to be honest. [laughs] I was definitely surprised to have him on one of my first songs.

TWHBW: Word on the street is that you went a year without speaking to producer, Ronnie Notch. Is that true?

CD: Yeah. I was young and I allowed small talk to drag me away from the situation. When I felt things were getting too difficult, I gave up for a minute. I then found out that Ronnie was looking for me during that time. I just needed time to think and grow. The crazy thing is, ‘Beyond Amazing’ was the first song we worked on since we reconnected.

TWHBW: What advice would you give to aspiring artists?

CD: Be yourself. Don’t follow the trend. Don’t make the same noise as everybody else.   Distinguish yourself with the new style that you’ll bring.





Colin Drew’s album ‘Beyond Amazing” will be available August 12.

Mark your calendars for August 15th for a very special and unique performance in St. Louis with Colin Drew.

Keep up with Colin!  

Follow him online – Instagram: @colindrewmusic 

Like him on Facebook at: Colin Drew

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