Woman Crush Wednesday |Kevin Hart’s Mother

Some social media users were wondering what “WCW” meant when the hashtag began to trend on the social media sites. “WCW” stands for “Woman Crush Wednesday,” which is when users share pictures of ladies that they find attractive or admire.

The woman I happen to admire is Nancy Hart,

hart nancy

Mother of Comedian, Kevin Hart.


She raised him and his brother as a single mother due to their father having an addiction to cocaine.

I am in fact, a single mother, also raising an African- American boy, in this hectic world we live in.

Mothers like my very own, and Kevin’s mother, remind us that there are in fact possibilities through it all.

I have noticed that any stand up show I have seen of Kevin’s, he’s always made a point to thank and acknowledge his mother. This clip of the recent interview with Oprah Winfrey tells us why.

Not only did she provide him with financial security, but she also reinstated him with faith.

Share some of your motivational moments from mom or dad below! I will share mine!

5 thoughts on “Woman Crush Wednesday |Kevin Hart’s Mother

  1. godtisx says:

    Yes. I have a woman crush on my mother in law too. My husband is a wonderful man!

    (Just kidding.)

    I absolutely LOVE Kevin, and think you chose a great woman to admire. I knew nothing about her. So thanks for sharing. It was an interesting read… 🙂

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