Preparing Single Women For Marriage? Chat with Koereyelle DuBose

When I walked into a local shop to buy the March issue of Essence Magazine, I knew it’d be great but I didn’t know I’d find such a profound, game changing, young woman in it! And I was blessed with the opportunity to speak with her! Let’s dive into the chat with Single Wives Club CEO, Koereyelle DuBose!


The Wire Hanger by Winnie: Why did you start Single Wives Club?

Koereyelle DuBose: Out of personal need. In 2010 I was engaged. Then my engagement ended. I began to think, where do I go from here? I decided instead of putting the blame on him, that I’d do some soul searching. What did I do to add to the failure of the relationship? What can I do to prepare myself for when the right guy does come along? I started by hosting dinner parties where each woman would bring a dish along with the recipe. And of course you know when women get together, we are going to start talking. The conversations went from recipes to why are we single? What type of men have we been attracting? How do we attract the best man for us? What other skills do we need as women to feel confident when it is time to get married? I can look back now and definitely say I wasn’t ready. Once we started posting pictures of these dinner parties on social media, it went viral.

TWHBW: What is the mission of Single Wives Club?

KD: Our mission is to prepare women to become wives. To nurture femininity and protect families. We are educating and empowering single ladies to become better women before becoming wives. It is to help get yourself together so that way you aren’t looking for someone to complete you but instead are looking for someone to complement you. We help women add value to their own life so they can add value to someone else’s life.

TWHBW: How did it feel to be featured in Essence Magazine?


KD:  I was very excited. It started May 2013. I went to this business conference (Dr. Stacia Pierce’s Women’s Success Conference).


After the conference, I made a goal card and place a picture next to that goal. I don’t know why, but my first thought for a goal was: to be featured in Essence Magazine. In October Charreah presented a workshop during Single Wives Weekend and has always been very supportuve of our organization. When the February issue came up, she reached out. We did the interview and the rest is history!

TWHBW: So I have to ask, are you single?


KD: Yes single as a dollar bill!For 9 months I was solely focused on my business. But I have just decided to get out there on the dating scene.

TWHBW: Who is your ideal man?

KD: Somebody who is very supportive. A man who is very secure with himself. I am a sucker for a man’s man. A gentleman.

TWHBW: What would you say is the biggest thing hindering single women?

KD: Amongst black women, we look at a lot of superficial things, i.e. he has to be 6 feet tall, have a 6-pack, have this much money. But other  ethnicities and cultures focus on a partner for the rest of their life. Black women, we have a type that we box ourselves into. For example, down to the shoes he should be wearing. That can set us up for failure. Think outside of the box. Men don’t even have a box. They are attracted to SO many different things, we have to be more open.

TWHBW: Have you been guilty of having high standards in the past?

KD: I had a whole list (laughs). And this man literally showed up on my doorstep talking about he was my husband. It’s crazy how it happened. But I’d gotten what I wanted and I hadn’t even considered the things that I really needed. I didn’t consider anything about his character or how he treated me. I was too busy thinking about what he looked like, the type of car he’d have, and the job he’d have instead of the things that really matter. I challenge women to question their list. Also, ladies, have yourselves together before demanding how that guy is supposed to be. Like attracts like, so make sure you have yourselves together ladies.


TWHBW: What would you say is your guilty pleasure?

KD: Cookies and ice cream. Seriously.

TWHBW: What is your secret dream?

KD: I would like to be a daytime talk show host. I would be the Dr.Oz for single women. That is a long term goal.

TWHBW: What are your thoughts on The Real Housewives of Atlanta? How do you feel about Mama Joyce having such an impact on Kandi and Todd’s engagement?

KD: The mother’s choice is not a deciding factor. I am very strong willed. I am very strong minded. When you are in tune with yourself, you won’t worry about what others say. In that situation, Kandi needs to get ahold of her mama. She’s stated she will defend her mama until the end, but if that is her choice, then she can be single. She may run her man away because how long will a man stand for that? Ladies, just be careful who you take advice from, even your mama. How long are you going to take dating advice from single women? Get a mentor and do what makes you happy.

TWHBW: What advice would you give to those looking to start an organization?

KD: Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t give up your life for to make it a success. You have to be willing to sacrifice any and everything to make your business or dream a success. Also, make sure you have a good support system. You cannot do it all alone. If you try, you will waste a lot of time. Be willing to collaborate and partner with like-minded people.

TWHBW: How can women apply to be a member of the Single Wives Club?

KD: Women can apply online at on the 10th and 20th of each month. Next application date is April 10, 2014.

Check out Koereyelle’s radio show 6-7 pm at,  In addition, you can watch her interactive talk show series live every 4th Tuesday! The next show is March 25 at


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