Washington University Alumni Makes Women’s History Month!

Meet Deborah Sistrunk -Nelson (formerly known as Deborah Caldwell)


Deborah Sistrunk -Nelson  of Arts & Sciences ’79,was appointed information specialist of University Extension; Which offers the resources of the University of Missouri and Lincoln University to help citizens of Missouri solve various problems. The group works to help families, youth, and the elderly, and to expand the economic development of the state. Deborah formerly worked as a news writer, field producer, and assignment editor for television station KSDK in St. Louis.

“I was hired at age 18 at by KETC-TV, Channel 9 [PBS].  Four years later, I signed on at NPR station KWMU-FM, where I became the first full-time female announcer and producer.  Several years later, I moved to NBC affiliate KSDK-TV, Channel 5, where I was one of  the first women hired as news assignment editor, and coincidentally, the first African-American to hold the position.  At KSDK, I also worked as field producer and news writer.”


In honor of Women’s History Month, I’d like to honor this great woman (who had no idea I was posting this haha), who is also my mother and say: Thank you for being a legendary woman showing that it is possible to be whatever you want to be! You have always been more than supportive of any dream I’ve had, and this world needs more women like you! Thank you! (P.S. I love you Mommy).


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