Netflix Makes Women’s History Month! ft Pauline Fischer

Meet Pauline Fischer,


Vice President, Content Acquisition at Netflix, Inc.

Fischer brings previous experience from Paramount Pictures, Paramount Home Entertainment, and Digital Media Campus and more! I thought Fischer was an awesome woman to acknowledge for Women’s History Month!

When I am scrolling through what movies to watch with my family on Netflix, I have never considered what measures the Netflix family has to go through to entertain us. I will say I have always had a liking for Netflix rather than Hulu, maybe I should thank Fisher! being a graduate of Harvard Business School, Fischer definitely sets the bar that women can do whatever they are called to do! Fischer is dynamic in her field and is beautiful while achieving so much! I applaud her for being responsible for securing deals with major studios to bring in movies to the network. Also she is on the Board of Directors of the Blackhouse Foundation which supports Black Screen Writers and Directors.

Wow! Fischer you are doing a fantastic job!

In honor of Women’s History Month, Thank you for being the motivator you are!

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