The Takeover |Who is Blame Wiz?

Armon Harris aka BlameWiz, 28 year old St. Louis native, definitely reminds those who may have forgotten:  you can’t spell “hustle” without STL! 20131028-151655.jpg

BlameWiz blesses the music industry with great productions with many talented artists. Just to name a few:  BlameWiz has made dope tracks with St. Louis’ own rapper St. Orleans — aka “Mr. We Don’t Love Em” — who accepted the Radio Hit of the Year award from the 2012 NoticeMe Awards.

BlameWiz has also worked with St. Louis native FrescoKane of SoSo Def records, KeyJuan, Murphy Lee, Stewie Rock, RuckaPuff, DJ Trapaholic, Tabius Tate, Charlie Yung, SyAriDaKid, Translee, Gorilla Zoe, Titus, and many more.

Did I name enough?

BlameWiz stays on the go with producing hit tracks, but he also makes sure his listeners look dope as well. Aside from blessing our ears with his music, BlameWiz also is the CEO of the hit apparel line,

Think Smart Apparel 


 It is obvious Mr. Wiz is doing something smart by balancing out the two, so I had to ask him how.

The Wire Hanger By Winnie: People are dying to know:  Where does the name “Blame Wiz” derive from?

BlameWiz: Well, at first I went by the name of WizKidd, but I’m grown now (laughs) so the name changed. St. Orleans actually ripped a track I produced [Drip Drop] and he said, “Don’t blame me/Blame Wiz/He made the beat/And yo girl love it.”

TWHBW: Obviously, somebody loves it. You produced many great songs, one popular one coming from my hometown St. Louis.  For instance, there’s “We Don’t Love Em” that was awarded Radio Hit of the Year. Congrats again. Does St. Orleans have something else dropping soon? I can’t imagine what is next. That track is still hot in the clubs.

BlameWiz: (smiles) Yeah, St. Orleans will definitely have another hot track out soon. One track is titled “Hella Good.” It’s a more street, bass-heavy song. It will def showcase his lyricism more.

TWHBW: There’s also word that you’re working on a new track with Charlie Yung as well.

BlameWiz: Yes. It’s titled ‘STFU’, it has a more West Coast, Bay Area feel.

TWHBW: As much as I love music, I also love fashion. Your Think Smart line is dope.

How did Think Smart come about?

BlameWiz: One night I was up late and I was drawing this bear. I liked it for myself so I decided to get it printed on a shirt. My friends saw it, liked it and wanted a shirt like it. So the support grew, and now Think Smart is in high demand.

TWHBW: So you’re an artist!?

BlameWiz: Yes, I have always been interested in art. In fact, I painted a mural at my high school [Riverview High] before I graduated. But I began designing tees initially because I needed more shirts to go with my shoes. I’m a sneakerhead. But now I am in the process of rebranding Think Smart into a cleaner, more elegant look. I want to see everyone to rock Think Smart.


TWHBW: What has been your biggest obstacle as an entrepreneur?

BlameWiz: In the beginning, I’d say investing and building my support. Also making sure my designs were consistent to keep the interest of the supporters and customers I gained already. I wanted to keep people interested and make people familiar with Think Smart. My fans keep me going along with my ambition to want more. But nonetheless my faith in God has gotten me through obstacles as well.

TWHBW: What advice would you give to someone wanting to chase their dreams of becoming a entrepreneur?

BlameWiz: Have a plan. Don’t get discouraged. Have faith. See, Think Smart is about doing what you want to do. Make life make sense for you. That’s my motto.


Mr. Think Smart, aka BlameWiz, exudes what we need more of in our young entrepreneurs — faith and ambition. Every door will not always open easily. It’s up to you to figure out the route truly meant for you. BlameWiz definitely has been blessed with creativity in his blood. The Wire Hanger By Winnie can’t end this article before saying thank you to BlameWiz’s brother, who actually introduced him into drawing at a very young age. That is a talent no one can take, replace or duplicate. Think Smart is rising above and beyond. Don’t get left behind! Think smart and order yours now and say Winnie sent you!

Keep up with Blame Wiz via Instagram: @wizkidd85

For ordering information, email him at


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