Flying for Love : Review of David E. Talbert’s Baggage Claim

First I HAVE to get this out…

Baggage Claim is a MUST see! Loved it!
This movie will keep you laughing, have your eyes glued to the screen and possibly even shed a tear (I didn’t cry, I just have allergies lol). But seriously, director and writer, David E. Talbert,

did an amazing job with this one. The 2013 film ‘Baggage Claim’ is based off of a novel Talbert published entitled ‘Baggage Claim’.

Montana Moore’s (Paula Patton) co-workers (Rickey Smiley, LaLa Anthony, & Affion Crockett) at the airport help her to fly all over and get her guy within 30 days.

But her two very hilarious but good friends/co-workers actually helped come up with the match making scheme, Sam (Adam Brody) and Gail Best (Jill Scott).

Anyone would love the movie, but single ladies would definitely appreciate it. The movie offers real situations in this crazy dating world. As Montana flies all over the country to find her date (just to impress her mother Christina Moore aka Jenifer Lewis) she gets more than she bargained for.

What are the kind of guys single women hate running into?

The Liar– I’ll just say that. You’ll find out šŸ™‚

The Womanizer- That guy who just sees a woman always being beneath and behind him. Yea that guy.

The One Who Got Away– That one guy you’ve always wanted or had and let go then he moved on before you could swoop in

The CEO– He has the money, the glamour and he is willing to share without committing to you.

The Other One Who Got Away- More like he switched teams. Like he may be attracted to your brother now. Yup.

I could go on and on. But I won’t give it all away. I will say that after watching this film, I learned that before we go out of our way looking for love, we need to first see what others have seen in us. Understand why you are worthy. Why are you special?

Do you want to be somebody’s wife, or anybody’s wife?

And don’t push the perfect guy away from you ladies. I know sometimes we do it without knowing but if he is that guy you can call for an emergency, just to talk, for a meal, for memories…and he knows you, inside and out…you may have your Mr. Right in front of your face. Don’t waste mileage looking for love if its right around the corner.

My favorite Quote is of William Wright (Derek Luke) “My father worked one job, drove one truck and loved one woman, til the day he died.”

Stability is necessary when looking for love, and this is for guy readers or women. When getting into a relationship, make sure to not have any baggage with you.

Yours Truly,

Winnie C.

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