Happy Anniversary to Me! The Wire Hanger By Winnie


Friday, August 2nd of 2013 marked my 1 year anniversary for this official website! I am very excited for various reasons. It is a blessing to be able to express myself in a way where people across the globe can relate. Also it gives me life when I inspire others. I love when I receive feedback from my readers! Negative and positive both help me! Many of you reading this are subscribed to this website so you know this has been a journey. No matter what I have endured, there has been one common factor: I never quit. Blogging has been a huge learning process for me and I want to share a few tips I have learned that may help you with your blog (or to just understand blogging).

Winnie’s Blogging Tips (Can help in daily life as well!):

1. Find your niche- Knowing what you are interested in is a big help. Don’t ever thing you’re the only one interested in making a blog about something like Microwavable Recipes. There can be hundreds of people, even thousands interested as well! Be you! Write about what you love and stress will be the least of your worries.

2.Hobby or Hustle? Are you wanting to blog as a way to escape from reality? Are you wanting to just express yourself without a care of how people feel? Or have you loved to write all of your life and can see writing as a career path? Look at how far you’d like to take it. Starting out as a hobby may be helpful. I started my blog out as a hobby ( I feel it still is because regardless of anything I love to write and will continue doing so).

3.Build your supporters-It is easy to share your blog via Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Google Plus, etc. The thing with me is I get so excited about my writings that I don’t rely solely on WordPress (Platform used for my site) to promote for me. If it is something I think close friends will love, I send text updates (I try not to spam though). I will post a direct link on my Facebook page hours after the latest article has been posted. Also I have business cards made that I carry EVERYWHERE to promote myself. You never know who you will meet and where. I have had casual conversations with people and they’d end up being interested in my writings so I’d give them a card. This has happened at Laundromats, grocery stores, on plane rides, while shopping in the mall, literally anywhere.

4.Stay Inspired-You may post something and expect 6,000 people to read it but that will rarely happen. Only 60 people may read it. Hey maybe only 6 people will read your post. The amazing thing that keeps me going is my stats. Yes I can see what countries view my page but I can’t see exactly WHO. Therefore, I keep going. Only 5 people may read this but those 5 people could consist of a role model of mine such as my mother, Lisa Nichols, anyone affiliated with Essence Magazine, and anyone else. You never know who is watching. If you are of Christian faith you may appreciate advice from my mother: Work as if you are working for Him above. It will be hard and frustrating sometimes working and not feeling appreciated but if you work as if you are employed by Him above, you will be blessed beyond measure and full of joy.

5.Rest- Yes there are so many of these Picture Grams floating around with quotes such as “If you woke up broke, You had no business going to sleep”, “Team No Sleep”, “I will sleep when I’m dead.” and more. I used to really support that movement but after working myself sick I realized that my body is my business and I can’t sacrifice energy from myself and expect on exuding energy to you all if I have none. I have to inspire therefore I need a clear mind which means I need rest. Am I advising to curl up on your couch for days at a time? No. But realize how important your health is find a balance. You are in control. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

I want to say Thank You everyone supporting me!

Special Thanks to: My mother (kimchibydeb.com), my stepdad Dirk, my brother Ishmael, Artensia (1st supporter! Tear Tear), Jerika, Brittany B., Brittney V., Donald, Eric H., Aundrea (livevc.bigcartel.com) , Darris Robins (darrisrobins.com), Michele Kendle for expanding my growth! (misheke.com), Joi (styleseat.com/joilewis), Candace W., Bryce, Jada B, Delux Magazine, Jay Ellis, Wiz (thinksmartapparel.com), Genesis and your entire family, My church family at Jamison CME, Alexis McCoy, Shannon,Ebony Robinson, C-Sharp, Hustleandheels.com, Anthony Cherry, Willie Moore Jr., KHaze, Thelonius, Jay Like, Afton Johnson (youngaddyco),Courtney B., Brant, Gary, Kiara Shanice, Jair (kiss.wakeupnow.com), Cassidy (shedandyboutique.com), Reece, suchabosslady.com, Jeffrey, Carl, Ashley, Isiah, Ralf, Desiree (lovelivedesi.com), Mario (mariothegreat.com), Jaron Eggleston, Gerard McClure, Andrew McCoy, Chermain, Jon Chester, Gigi (braveheartco.com), Laura Govan, Lisa Nichols, Ndustrytv.com, Staz, All of my Instagram,Facebook and Twitter followers.

Thanks to those overseas in France, Sri Lanka, Germany, Jamaica and beyond!

All of you inspire me more than you know!

Big Thanks to my God, my opportunities have exceeded beyond measure and I am very thankful!


2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Me! The Wire Hanger By Winnie

  1. Deb Sistrunk says:

    First of all, Winnie, Happy Anniversary! Secondly, you’ve shared some great tips on how to get started as a blogger. It’s been exciting to observe your journey for the past year. Your site is a breath of fresh air and a peaceful place to visit. Best wishes to you!

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