From ‘Rocks’ to Locs:Inspiration with Anthony Cherry

Anthony Cherry,

Celebrity Hair Stylist has been professionally styling hair since 1993. Working with some of the best in entertainment including Ciara, Jill Scott, Laura Govan, Tamera Mowry- Housley, Angela Bassett, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Ashanti, Brandy, Evelyn Lozado, Kelly Rowland, and more. Mother, Doris Cherry- Fates and Grandmother inspired Cherry to become the stylist he is today. Grandmother, Velma Parham, was first in St. Louis, MO to do extensions which started by threading the hair on the track. The first beauty college Cherry attended was Elaine Stevens College in St. Louis, MO. Cherry then relocated to Milwaukee, WI and attended Milwaukee Trendsetters School. Cherry now resides in Los Angeles, California.

TheWireHangerByWinnie: How did you get into cosmetology industry?

Cherry: Well I actually used to sell drugs. Before styling hair I dated men for money and sold drugs for extra income.

TWHBW: That’s definitely a turn around. How did you stop that lifestyle?

Cherry: My aunt found out what I was doing for money. She wanted to see change. My aunt knew my talent and encouraged me to enroll at Elaine Stevens Beauty College and gave me the money needed to start. That is when I went from rocks to locs.

TWHBW: So styling hair is something you’ve always known how to do before getting into the styling profession?

Cherry: Styling has been very easy for me. I grew up in the beauty industry. From my mother and grandmother, styling was all around me. And I have realized that St. Louis has some of the most talented hair stylists. St. Louis showed me so much about hair.

TWHBW: After following you on Instagram, it was mentioned that you were raised by transgender people in your life; How was that?

Cherry: It was great! I learned a lot. When it came to styling hair, homosexuals have always been ahead of the curve. For Instance a homosexual taught me how to do that high snatched ponytail I’ve done for Tamera Mowry- Housley on The Real Daytime.

TWHBW: Yes! I loved that. I’ve loved all her looks on The Real. How was it working with her?

Cherry: It was very refreshing. Because she’s been in entertainment for so long. She is very kind and very funny. It’s been great working with her because she’s never had so many different styles. She has beautiful hair and I maintain it that way by not using any hair spray. Spray builds up residue.


TWHBW: Have you had any African American clients rocking their natural hair?

Cherry: The only client I’ve had that was very interested in the natural styles was Jill Scott.

TWHBW: Working with so many celebrities, have you been star struck by anyone?

Cherry: I’d have to say Keisha Knight Pulliam but I am usually not star struck. I am a star myself. (smiles) I loan my energy to them.

TWHBW:I love that! Who do you think could make you feel star struck?

Cherry: I’d love to work with Oprah, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey. I’m sure I’ll be excited to have that experience.

Tips From Anthony Cherry For Upcoming Hair Stylists:

-Know your market!


-Realize that you DO NOT know it all.

-Look at different races and their hairstyles.

-Study how the hair falls and how the hair is parted

-Examine head shapes

-Shop Hop (Explore different environments and trends)

-Be open to constructive criticism

-Learn to be a good passenger seat driver

Keep Up With Anthony Cherry!
Instagram @kingofhair
Twitter @AnthonyCherry

“If I weave it, you will never believe it.If I sew it, you would never know it”- Anthony Cherry

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