Don’t Fall For The Groupie!

Group·ie  (according to

  1. A person, esp. a young woman, who regularly follows a pop music group or other celebrity in the hope of meeting or getting to know them.
  2. derogatory. An enthusiastic or uncritical follower.

Did anything in particular catch your attention reading the definition of Groupie? How about the fact that it stated that a groupie is usually a woman? What do you think that is saying about society? It is assumed that most single women are promiscuous, eager to submit to a guy just because of his success/money. It is somewhat true unfortunately. People want the easy road to success and if you’re a pretty girl who attracts a successful guy, it is encouraged to use the good looks to come out just as successful as him without putting in all the work.

One of the best pieces of advice I heard as a single lady interested in dating was,  “Winnie be careful. Take your time. Don’t give your all to a guy just because he supports your drive. You’re a wonderful woman. Who wouldn’t want you?”

As a woman listening to my own mind, I will admit I didn’t listen to this advice. Women need a reminder as far as value goes. What gifts and talents are you blessed with? Exude your talents to your best ability. People are attracted to your spirit, beautiful smile and personality, but does everyone appreciate it? You were molded as an individual. Require others to recognize why you stand out and respect that aspect about you. Make sure that others recognize your character as fast as they recognize your social status. 

But what about male groupies?

A man can decide to latch on to a successful woman because of her status.

A man is capable of playing the same games as a young woman if he decides to go that route. Yet it is up to the woman to recognize how valuable she is and only accept genuine generosity.

In fact I would advise both men and women not to lower your standards for a groupie.

Did you work hard and lose sleep to take care of another adult who doesn’t care to learn about who you really are?

For those of you reading this, I am sure you’re on your way of reaching your dreams or you’re already successful using the gift you were blessed with. As much time as you put into reaching that goal, put that much time into learning who’s loving you. The same love you have for your dream job or current money maker, that’s the same passion that should be felt between you and your significant other. When you’re out conquering the world, its okay to have a personal cheerleader on your side, just make sure that cheerleader is rooting for you and not the whole team.

Cheerleader vs. Groupie

Cheerleader: Takes the role as a leader with no question asked.

Groupie: Will follow with no identity with no question asked.

Cheerleader: Reliable at all times

Groupie: Available when its to the groupie’s benefit

Cheerleader: Patient

Groupie: Quick to hop on the next ‘come up’

Cheerleader: Role model



Cheerleader: Will strive to think and act as one. Will learn to think about others first and base  decisions on what is best for both of you. Pretty much willing to compromise.

Groupie: His/Her feelings are more important than yours. Only willing to compromise on his/her terms.

A little piece of advice my mother relayed to me from a Facebook post: It’s okay to say ‘Yes’ to someone, but make sure you’re not saying ‘No’ to yourself.

Ladies, men can be groupies just like women. Recognize your worth.

Men don’t allow the groupie on your team. You as a man deserve better as well. If she is not encouraging you to go harder then it’s time for tryouts.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Fall For The Groupie!

  1. Linus Benjamin says:

    This is true. I know a few guys holding on to women just because of their status. Sad for real. And vice versa for women. But that’s good advice for keepin the groupies at a distance lol

  2. Alexis McCoy (@alonafuss) says:

    Yes! I love this, you have made a wonderful point. Many people can honestly say to themselves that they have had some groupie moments in our lives. But I agree, we as people should be willing to work hard towards success and not looking for someone to take care of them or give them a handout. Many young women are taught to find a young man who has enough money to take good care of them. i feel that with all of the opportunities we have here in America and the many doors women and men before us has open. We should all get pleasure out of knowing if I want I can accomplish every goal I set for myself because I have the opportunity to. This article really challenges our generation and society a great deal because many have become followers of people that are leading them in the wrong direction, Thank you for writing this I really enjoyed it and it opened my eyes to a lot of things.

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