Get Your Happy Back


It’s so hard being alone. When you’re used to having someone by your side then having that person vanish, it’s hard. Putting up a wall temporarily helps. But it’s natural to feel lonely. It’s healthy and relaxing to read literature or a spiritual book but if you don’t feel it or have the faith, that void doesn’t get filled. Not until you meet the next person who you think is the one. But they’re just another test to prepare you for who is truly for you. We all scream we aren’t looking for love, but you can’t deny that once you connect with someone, you never wonder for a minute what’d it be like to seriously be with that person. I try not to look too deep into situations or into the future but its hard when your heart gets the best of you. And also romantic movies aren’t much help when trying to stay single. When I’ve watched them, I would secretly wish that girl was me. I wished a guy would chase after me like that. I wished a guy would express himself and profess his love. But then the movie ends. And I realize my storyline may be different. That situation may not happen at all. In the end just find what makes you happy. Writing makes me smile. Drawing relaxes me. Listening to music soothes my soul. Reading scriptures uplifts me. Enjoying all of those will steer me no where wrong. Look into how to get your happy back. And embrace it. 🙂


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