Answering Your Calling with Willie Moore Jr.

Willie Moore Jr.
In today’s society, most young adults have something in common. Young adults want to be seen, noticed, heard and respected. Individuals want to feel accepted and acknowledged. Some people are fortunate enough to have found their path to success and happiness.  Others continue their quest.  Searching for your calling in life is normal; just make sure you choose the appropriate path.

Willie “P-Dub” Moore Jr. is familiar with that sense of searching and finding his way to success physically and mentally spiritually.  The St. Louis native (he grew up in the suburban community of Berkeley ) went through a series of changes in his life before reached ultimate happiness and success. He caught the ears and hearts of many fans as an R & B artist years ago.

Moore’s drive and ambition paid off when he captured local and national attention.  Warner Bros. Records in Los Angeles contacted him. Moore chose to go after his R&B career and took Warner Bros. up on a deal which included working alongside with the famous DJ Quik in front of thousands of fans. Even during this fast rise to success, Moore still made it to church. His music began to mirror what he was going through in real life.

“I started to vent about how God was changing my heart,” Moore said.  “I even took those songs to the club. I didn’t realize I had begun to write Christian music until it was pointed out.”

Moore now offers his movement Young, Fly & Saved to the world. He ministry takes him across the country and even outside the U.S.  He just returned from Toronto, Canada. The mission of YFS is to bridge the gap between the streets and the church. The ministry is multidimensional, offering meaningful appearances, musical performances, inspirational videos and the YFS clothing line.

“I’m all about branding,” Moore explains. “This is who I am. A lot of our youth suffer with finding their identity. I want to touch that identity crisis and ultimately have our youth saying ‘I love being young, fly and saved.'”  In 2012 Moore became a YouTube sensation with more than 500,000 followers on social media alone.

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The Wire Hanger by Winnie: You’re so down to earth with your topics on your videos. Where do you get them from?

Moore: Whatever I’m going through. I just pray for topics. I didn’t call myself to this. God did.  I’ve been called to preach and speak. Whatever He wants me to do, I go after it.

TWHBW: You wear many different hats.  For instance, you’re a music artist, producer, father, ordained minister, comedian and actor. Where did you get this takeover mentality from?

Moore: My dad is 82 years old. He adopted me when I was three months old. My dad works. That’s what men do — we work. We get out there and find a way. When there doesn’t look like there’s a way, we pray, we get wisdom and we find a way. I’ve always been that type of person.  When I have a vision, nothing will stop that vision — except the Holy Ghost telling me to stop. I’ve always had that drive. I know that it’s instilled from Willie Moore Sr. That’s why I call myself Willie Moore Jr.  If I am half the man my dad has been, I’ll be all right.

TWHBW: There’s word you’re planning a television show.  Is that true?

Moore: Yes. It’s called “Willie Moore Jr. Live.” FlatOutTV. It’s a 22-minute show. It will be airing on a Christian network. It will be in a YouTube format, and then it will go into the radio setting.  We will have guests to correlate the subject and bring answers biblically. It’s fun, full of drama. I love reality TV, but I feel a lot of reality TV doesn’t offer a lot of solution and tends to leave us in a bunch of mess. We plan to offer solutions on “Willie Moore Jr. Live.”

TWHBW: How do you balance out family and business?

Moore: The truth of the matter is keeping it in order. God. Family. Business. We wake up and pray together, we schedule everything. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. My wife and I schedule our family time. It takes a lot of strategic planning.

TWHBW: Where did the catch phrase “Flat Out” come from?

Moore: That’s that Berkeley in me. (laughs) FlatOut means non-negotiable.


TWHBW: On your videos, you also tend to say,” I feel it in my Shanana!” What does that mean?

Moore: That came from my mentor in comedy, comedian Arlen “Griff” in Atlanta, GA. Shanana means Holy Spirit. I’m taking the biblical spirit and jazzing it up.

TWHBW: You’ve found your calling. What advice would you give to those searching for their calling?

Moore: I have what is called the 60-day challenge. People have so many gifts and try to do everything; even when it’s not always for them. My advice:  Take yourself away from media. Get off of the Internet. Get off of Twitter, Facebook, whatever, and ask the Lord. Once He puts it in your Shanana, you’ll know it. Focus on God, family and your gift for 60 days.  When you find your calling, hone in on it.

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