Bringing In Father’s Day with: Fantastic Fathers!

Hip Hop St. Louis Artist C-Sharp sheds some light on non-violence through his music and also raises a young man to be ready for this society we live in. I felt it was important to speak with C -Sharp because of the crime rate increasing in St. Louis, MO over the past week.

Winnie: What made you decide to highlight non violence in your music?

C Sharp: Its all about the traffic. Yes I make music advocating non violence and things of that nature but also I make music people can dance to. But I decided to go towards speaking to the community rather than the clubs because the word would get out larger and it was a smart business move as well.

Winnie: Being a young hip hop artist what would you ask of other young people in the community as far as non violence?

C Sharp: I notice a lot of people who have a huge impact over social media that don’t necessarily use their power like they could. I’m just saying, tell your followers about stopping the violence. There’s a lot of teaching to do.

Photo posted via Facebook on Wednesday

Photo posted via Facebook on Wednesday

Winnie: What major hip hop artists are you compared to?

C Sharp: As far as my style, none really which I think isn’t necessarily a bad thing. (Laughs). But I’ve beard Common, Nas, Jay Z, and even Diddy.

Winnie: Seeing that you have a son, does he influence the type of music you make?

C Sharp: Yes and no. Santana isn’t a major influence on my choice of music but its more about involving him in the right element.

Winnie: Has your son Santana seen what it’s like being a artist?

C Sharp: Yes. I’ve taken my son to business meetings and he will sit there very polite. He’s sat next to me during conference calls and Skype meetings. Funny thing is he will ask questions once I’m finished like he was apart of the meeting.

Winnie: How old is your son?

C Sharp: 6

Winnie: When would you say you had your best memorable moment as a father?

C Sharp: The moment Santana was born and when he opened his eyes, I was the first person he saw. It was then that he knew I wasn’t going anywhere.

Words From The Author: I am so happy to have a young advocate of anti-violence in our community. We need more people like him. No matter what your career choice is, anyone can be a leader. Not only is he leading our youth but he is also leading his son onto the right path. Sharp has received support from Lewis Reed, A.C.O.P.P., and KSDK, STL city/county health department and more. Thank you C- Sharp for being a great leader and great dad!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Someone I didn’t know, just in passing, approached me today and said “Tell your dad I said happy Father’s Day,”. A few years ago that would’ve left me feeling empty an confused. I was proud to be able to respond with, “I will.” I struggled for years not ever meeting my father. When I was a child I knew he was away but it didn’t occur why. I sent Father’s Day cards. I drew pictures just for him. I even spoke to him a few times on the phone. But I never met him. Then I found out he was incarcerated. That has been a part of my life that I’ve always blocked out. A few people know. Not a lot. I don’t necessarily hide it but I’ve never publicly shared it until now. It’s still a struggle I’m dealing with. But the fact that years later, a man named Dirk 20130616-212731.jpg

walked into my mothers life knowing our hardships and the fact that he never strayed because of the hardships baffled me. It even startled her. She even told me, right when she met him she’d tell him negative things to run him away but he stayed. He never ran out on us. Even though he has children, he’s accepted me and my brother and even our entire family a his own. 20130616-213023.jpg

There have been times I’ve needed help financially, and if you know me you know I hate asking for money and favors. I will never forget me apologizing for asking and Dirk said to me, “Don’t be sorry. I’m here for you. I’m here to help you. You deserve this. Don’t look at it as a loan, it’s a gift. As a matter of fact it’s an investment because I know you’ll be great”. I love Dirk for being the father I never had. I love him for filling that void. He’s been a uplifter. A major supporter. And most importantly he’s made my mother genuinely happy and kept a smile on her face. That’s the best gift I’ve been given since the birth of my son. He shows us all unconditional love. Thank you Dirk. As a matter of fact. Thank you for being a wonderful believer and Dad in my life. I love you and appreciate you!!

I love you and thank you so much for being a great dad, step dad, grandfather and more!


Ronnell “Ralf L’Ron” Freeman

A young father doing what is necessary to care for his twin boys. I was actually referred to interview Freeman and I am glad I got the referral! He does what is necessary to make sure they are in his life no excuses. Even though I don’t know Freeman personally, I could definitely see maturity from this statement:

My kids taught me the meaning of unconditional love…because of them I know how to love. Parents can learn from their kids as well. So lead but learn how to follow too!

Men on the move

Men on the move

Winnie: What are your kids names?

Ralf: Rione & Rimere Freeman

Winnie: Describe what fatherhood means to you.

Ralf: Fatherhood means giving more life to the seeds I help give birth to. When I say giving more life I mean being able to show them how to live; Instilling morals, values, new methods, goals, dreams, admirations, solutions, answers, etc.!

Winnie: Were you taught the ways of being a great dad or did you just jump into it?

Ralf: I was not taught the ways of being a great dad…my goal is to be better than my dad. My dad was in my life don’t get me wrong but he didn’t fully fulfill his role. S/o to my Popz he’s a good dude its just at the time he didn’t know how to balance his life and have kids.

Winnie: Memorable moment as a father?

Ralf: I would say my most memorable moment had to be the day they were born. That day changed my life. (smiles) Seeing two kids come out was pretty exciting.

Winnie: Do you think being a father changed you? If so, How?

Ralf: YES! Being a father changed my perspective in life! Once my kids entered this world it was all about them! Nothing else mattered and I had a new reason to LIVE!! Because of them I know how to love!

Winnie: What advice would you give to young fathers struggling with fatherhood?

Ralf: No matter how much money you have, where you work, what you can buy them, -forget all of the excuses! NOTHING AMOUNTS TO TIME!!! Kids only care about time and the way you treat them! That’s it! Love them the best way you know how…and have patience! If they knew better they’d do better so if they make a mistake show them the right way

Winnie: Describe a funny father moment.

Ralf: Every time I have to discipline my kids I have to try so hard not to laugh because they give me some of the craziest excuses to why they shouldn’t be in trouble. My favorite line that they say is “I don’t know” and they never tell on each other (laughs)I love that about them….one team one fight…my guys!

Winnie: What’s your day like being a father?

Ralf: With my kids it can get hectic! One thing is for sure..they do what I do! If I’m in the studio….they’re in the studio. If I’m at a concert…so are they. They get to do what they want as well so squeezing in my hobbies and theirs can make a 24 hr day seem like a 50 hr day. But its possible because we make it happen.

Words From The Author-Ralf shows that you can do anything you put your mind to. For fathers struggling, there is hope. Don’t give up because not only are you letting yourself down but also the child/children. Kids absorb whatever you do. I am sure Ralf’s sons enjoy seeing him work, mainly because they are simply with him. Thank you Ralf for setting a great example! Your hard work will soon pay off! Thanks for being a great dad and Happy Father’s Day!!!



Maurice Green shows dedication not only within himself but also that a child can have that impact on you as well. Once his daughter, Musiq Zakouri Green was born he knew he had to make a change. Maurice has always been a likable person and people would flock to him because of his warm personality, but that wasn’t enough. Maurice wanted to make sure he’d be around for more and enjoy his life to the fullest. Always confident in himself, Maurice still wanted more. Once he became a father he knew what he needed to change. His weight. Maurice had noticed that if he didn’t get his weight under control, he could have serious health problems.

Maurice Before

Maurice Before

Winnie: Noticing your weight loss, did your daughter inspire that?
Maurice: Yes she played a big role in me losing weight because I felt I had to get healthier so I can be around long as I possibly can to see my baby girl grow up to be a beautiful black Queen!

Winnie: Describe the feeling you had when she was born.

Maurice: The feeling is indescribable… just beautiful and blessed

Winnie: What have you learned since being a dad?
Maurice: That everything I do and say is a an example that I have to give my daughter what a man suppose to be. So I can be the best man that the lord allows me to be.

Winnie: What are your goals as her dad?
Maurice: Protect, provide and give her all type tools she needs in life to be a strong successful Black Queen
Winnie:Memorable daddy daughter moment?
Maurice:Taking her to the zoo for the first time and riding around in the train. Just going around the zoo viewing all types animals and just to see the excitement and amazement on her face as she held me tight smiling so hard.

Winnie:What words do you have for men without kids who think about starting a family?
Maurice: Make sure you choose that one special woman that’s worth making a family with and also remember that your kids and lady always comes first. Always do whatever it takes to provide and protect for your family.

Winnie: Funny daughter moment?
Maurice: (laughs) She is a fool. Every time some music comes on, my baby will stop whatever she is doing and dance like she is in a rap video (smiles) I just look and say That’s daddy baby

Winnie: Do you think you’ve changed any way since being a dad?
Maurice: Yes I changed but I’ve changed for the best.

Follow Maurice on Instagram @foxx2trill and Facbook at Diezel J. Foxx (with the least amount of friends added)


Maurice and daughter

Maurice and daughter

Words from the Author- I am acknowledging all fathers. I believe Maurice is a great inspiration. It is clear he will do any and everything for his daughter. Especially with his rapid weight loss, that takes time and patience and even dedication. I salute you Maurice! Happy Father’s Day!


College grad, Moses Weathers eagerly expressed that he was interested in telling the world about his wonderful father.

“My father Lawrence A. Weathers. Raised four boys with my mom. Has been there since day one, and never left anyone of his boys side. Gave up his career to make sure his boys had a much better life than he did. he is an amazing inspiration and I love him more and more everyday for what he has done for all of his children. I have all brothers by the way. For many years growing up I have looked at him as Superman and I must say until this day he not only is Superman, he is also and forever will be the #1 Dad,” states Moses. Husband of Geneva D. Weathers, Lawrence takes care of home. Moses’ oldest brother graduated from University of Missouri-Rolla and now currently is an Engineer. With another older brother who has graduated from Vatterott College and now is a Weldor. Lawrence has made sure his boys stayed in track. Lawrence is now a retired steel foundry worker and currently a licensed barber. Although he will be retiring very soon. Speaking to Moses about his father, I definitely was interested in learning more.

Winnie: What’s the best advice you’ve received from your dad

Moses: The best advice I have received is always finish a job until its complete, never leave a job incomplete

Winnie: What is a memorable moment from your father?

Moses: Going to two WWE Events in St. Louis with him (Raw 1000th epsoide and Extreme Rules), Playing golf with him and visiting my oldest brother in North Carlina with him.

Winnie: Name a time when you really saw his strength.

Moses: One of the biggest problems I had in school was the money issue. Every time I relied on him or needed his help with money for school, no questions asked he gave it to me

Winnie: How did he inspire you?

Moses: He always taught me good moral values, how to stay focused and never give up and how to be a better man. It wasnt the money nor the car, but it was all of the advice he gave me over the years that got me through some of my biggest trials and tribulations in life. The fact that he always seemed to take out time from his busy schedule to help me push though anything I may seem to be struggling with. Without God, my father and my mother I don’t know where I will be today. I love that man so much.

Winnie: Describe him using 3 words
Moses: Loyal, considerate and loving

Winnie:How do others describe him?

Moses:As a hard worker, dedicated and really caring about his family

-Words from the author-

To some of you reading you may look at this as a man doing what he is “supposed to do”. But even though I am not a man, I know it isn’t easy being a father and a great one at that. We need to continue to build more boys into great men like Lawrence Weathers.

Happy Father’s Day!

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