Say You Love K. Haze

Young, Fly and Sexy R&B artist, K.Haze (A St. Louis native) is ready to expose his signature “head-bob-effect” music to the world!

Inspired by artists such as Timbaland, Beyonce, Michael Jackson and James Fauntleroy; K.Haze makes sure that his style stands out. I would say that he’s an Usher, Justin Timberlake, and Omarion mashup. With all of those being talented artists, K.Haze is setting his own pave way of inspiring other singers to pursue their dreams. Loving his catchy new single, Say You Love Me, I can’t turn my iPod off. It would really make me happy to see a remix formulate with Drake spitting a verse. Once you hear it you’ll understand why. The funny thing is K.Haze was highly recommended not to follow his dreams nor pursue his talent as an artists.
“My parents really wanted me to finish school to become a prominent doctor or lawyer but that just wasn’t me,” says K.Haze. He recalled a pivotal moment in his pursuit to happiness.
“I was playing a rockstar in a Motorola commercial in 2012 and when I showed it to my father, he looked at the screen, paused, and asked me if my car note was paid this month.”
Struggling to gain musical support from his parents, K.Haze realized they support him being successful but he would just have to go about it in his own way, by pursuing his dream. K.Haze was also featured in an ad for J C Penny and was the poster boy for St. Louis’ ‘I Am Boutique” a few years back.

Winnie: So where does this name K.Haze hail from?

K.Haze: Well K is the initial of my government name. Haze is what people get from me as an artist. No one can quite put their finger on my style or can really compare me to one person, which I think is a good thing. Haze sort of represents a sense of obscurity that keeps people engaged.

Winnie: When did you start singing?

K.Haze: Well I have been singing my whole life. But I didn’t start taking it seriously until about 13. At 13, I had the chance to go to Virginia to audition for a boy band that ended up being Pharrell’s label… but with me being so young that plan didn’t go through. My parents weren’t having that.

Winnie: What other moves have you made in the music industry?

K.Haze: Well I actually was on MTV’s reality show for Diddy’s Star Maker. The Bad Boy’s A&R contacted me after finding me on MySpace. I made it through two rounds. At the time I wasn’t where I am now but I will say it was a great experience. The girl who actually won, was amazing.

Winnie: What advice would you have for people who seem like they’re held back from they’re dreams?

K.Haze: Once you break away explore your aspirations, make sure it’s not just a hobby. There is a HUGE difference between a passion and a hobby. If no one supports you, it’s not gonna effect you as much as the success you feel after you realize you just never quit. God will always have my back. Make sure you live to be happy. I just take advantage of all opportunity. I’ve worked since I was 14. These bills will be here once I get back. I realized I could not work a regular 9-5 when all I was doing was doodling, day dreaming about music, writing songs and forming shows while at work. If you can’t get it off your mind, it’s your way of life.

Winnie: What is this single ‘Say That You Love Me’ about?

K.Haze: Well, I wrote the song out of old text messages I was going to send someone. I was ready to love and be with them and take it past what it was. But that’s pretty much what the song is about. Rejection. Because I didn’t get the response I wanted from her at the end of the day. But in all the song is good and the video is good. I can’t wait for the world to see it. It was directed by Renaissance Group and they are amazing.

Winnie: Are you single?

K.Haze: Well I am definitely having fun. I’m out here. (Laughs) I’m single and ready to mingle… no serious relationships. Just ready to get to know people and putting myself out there.

Winnie: How would you describe K.Haze?

K.Haze: Charismatic. Sexual. Mysterious. My other side. Kind of like Stephon to Steve Urkel (Laughs)

K. Haze: Say You Love Me

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3 thoughts on “Say You Love K. Haze

  1. Donovan says:

    Great article and video. It actually had a since of maturity. It was fun to read about an artist such as K. Haze, coming from the eyes of another artist such as Winnie Caldwell. Haze may give VH1 a more mature, grown, and meaningful reason to look for and find Love and Hip Hop in ST. Louis! Do you K. Haze!

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