Girl Please Let His Ex Go


Things are great. You can’t go a day without one another. Every love song makes you think of him/her. Then it all goes down hill. For whatever reason. You break up and you move on as you should. Life is too short to cry over spoiled milk.

Thankfully you meet someone else. Someone who seems better than the rest. Someone that you’re glad you were available for and fortunate enough to meet.

Then the day comes. The day that you don’t expect but you know it’ll happen (If no one relocates). The day that you, your significant other and ex end up at the same place. Whether its the mall, a party, the park, a restaurant,etc. You’re over him/her so you don’t think twice about it. But your significant other may react differently.

The ideal way for your significant other to act would be to let it go. They’re an Ex for a reason. If all is great then there’s nothing to worry about.

But this is my address to the currents who clown over the ex:

Please let it go. It your guy/girl makes you truly happy then there’s no one else to worry about. If you’re not happy then there’s something you need to discuss within your relationship between you two and no one else. So what if you see his/her ex out? This world is too big to worry about one individual who has been exed out the equation. The last time I checked two people made a relationship, not three. Also check yourself. Are you bringing up your ex or your significant other? If you’re the only one bringing up the ex the. I’m sorry but you need to put yourself in timeout. He/she is over the ex. But YOU won’t let go. That’s crazy. Look at it this way, you’re insecure about your significant other being around his/her ex, with no reason why. There’s nothing going on. But you keep bringing the ex up so that opens the door for the ex to come in and stir things up if he/she wanted to. Don’t open that door of opportunity. You’ll regret it because you won’t hurt her/his feelings, only your own and your relationship. So I advise please let go of the ex. Don’t get upset about the unnecessary. Don’t worry about something that hasn’t happened! Don’t speak things into existence unless its positive! Enjoy your relationship. Take care if your woman/man. Show your appreciation and there will be nothing else to worry about.

4 thoughts on “Girl Please Let His Ex Go

  1. Donovan says:

    “Don’t talk it into existence unless it’s positive.” Good way to look at life! More people should follow that more… Including me!

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