I Put My Seven Year Old Son On A Diet

Getting your diet right?
Get your kids on a healthy diet as well!
    Recently I decided not to eat fried food. I have noticed that my stomach had been really sensitive lately.  Since I have stopped eating fatty fried foods and junk my attitude and my energy has been better. Instead I have been eating veggies,fruits, grilled seafood, etc.
    So I stopped eating fast food as well. Sadly there’s about 3 McDonald’s within 5 miles of my home. My 7 year old son is used to McDonald’s because its been so convenient. But I started thinking, If I’m going to change my diet why not change his? So I told him I wasn’t eating there anymore. He asked why. I told him there’s a lot of unhealthy things there and it’s been giving me stomachaches. He asked the million dollar question.
Why does McDonald’s make such unhealthy stuff if they know it isn’t good for people?
I couldn’t answer besides just saying,
For the money.
He then tried his luck and asked for a happy meal. I went ahead and got it for him. 45 minutes after finishing his meal my son had a sad face. I inquired why such the long face. He then complained he didn’t feel well and well he went to visit the bathroom for a while.
       Now I won’t blame McDonald’s but I know that McDonald’s could’ve encouraged his stomachache.Now instead of going to McDonald’s for a quick meal, we make a quick salad together and I allow him to be creative with the toppings. He likes romaine lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, almonds, blackberries and strawberries in his salad. He’s also taken a liking to a sweet Raspberry Vinaigrette salad dressing.
   So don’t assume kids will just eat anything. Check out 10 ways To Improve Your Child’s Diet Kids will eat what you make them accustom to. Now we are weaning away from fast food and growing better with eating fresh foods that are good for our bodies.
It won’t be easy for me as an adult but as far as my little man, he will keep me encouraged.
Check out these sites for recipe ideas!

8 thoughts on “I Put My Seven Year Old Son On A Diet

  1. Donnie Boy says:

    This is a very important issue in general but u did the right thing! Even though on a national level McDonalds has changed there menus to include calories ect. It doesn’t make it better. But if the children get used to having healthier eating habits while there young the better off they will be!

    • thewirehangerbywinnie says:

      I will say I am glad that McDonald’s put the calories on the menus but its just there to let us know how bad we are eating so we can’t sue them (in my opinion) but I feel like kids are smarter than what we give credit for! Instantly my son saw a problem and the result and said Hey I don’t want to keep hurting myself and is working to change it! More adults (including myself) should have this mind-frame! But thanks!

  2. Anthony Doss says:

    Even though McDonald’s has changed the menu, and added the calorie count to the items, it’s still not as healthy as some would like to think. I think it’s good that you’re starting him young. Plus it’s issue that he picked up on and wanted to solve.

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