Performing Tonight!!! Hip Hop.Wisdom & Women with Darris Robins

Saint Louis native Hip Hop artist Darris Robins gives the world something to talk about. Not only does Robins bring a new sound out of St.Louis but he teaches, inspires and motivates through his music as well. After hearing the phenomenal album ‘My Beautiful Dark Freshman Year In College,” I was immediately blown away. In the album Darris Robins drops knowledge, wisdom, true art and has a great sound behind it all. Not to mention there was not one profane word. Not even a hint of the “N-word” that’s popular in Hip Hop usage was dropped by Robins. “My Beautiful Dark Freshman Year In College” is definitely an album all ages can listen to and enjoy. There’s hip hop with a hint of Rock in a few of the songs to grab any and everyone. Compared to well-known artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Robins continues to gain fans. Between YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, #TeamDarris grows tremendously. #TeamDarris consists of Darris Robins fans, supporters and mentors. Robins’ mentors alone have a strong impact on his drive into the music Industry. Attending Berklee College Of Music in Boston, MA, Robins got the amazing opportunity to gain knowledge of the music industry from Jetro, former band player of the great Whitney Houston. Dropping knowledge on Women, Music and Life, I must say Darris Robins will be a major game changer in the Hip Hop industry.

TWHBW: What got you started in music?

Robins:There was always moments of my family members playing drums in the house. My father played a lot of classic old school music in the house everyday. He played music by Parliament, Earth Wind and Fire, and also Stevie Wonder. At two years old I would walk around singing into a toy mic my father bought me and playing small instruments. After having fun with that as a toddler, once I got in school I joined a band in Elementary School and got my first keyboard in seventh grade which is when I started composing music, then in High school is when I got a computer and starting producing beats. By my senior year in high school I made a song that became so popular, the entire school would sing it all the time.

TWHBW: Once you went on to college, you attended Berklee College of Music, what experience did you get out of that?

Robins: That’s actually when My Beautiful Dark Freshman Year In College started. That is also when I met Jetro and he became one of my professors and is now a great mentor. He hipped me to the music game. I would say after attending Berklee I realized the grading system was interesting. We were graded on how we re-created other artists’ music rather than how great we create our own. You couldn’t get an A on making something original. With music I think it’s all about being original and bringing something fresh and different. Although most of my music on the MBDFYIC was composed before attending Berklee. I actually composed a lot of that at sixteen years old. The lyrics came about later, mainly when I became a vegan.

TWHBW: Do you think being a vegan affects your music or how you entertain?

Robins: Well I became a vegan because I researched how animals are treated and how they are processed. I didn’t like it. I couldn’t physically harm anything. Plus I cant eat anything someone else had to kill for me. But being a vegan is more than just what I eat and don’t eat. It doesn’t effect how I perform. The lyrics just came from where I have come from over the years.

TWHBW: What inspires your music?

Robins: (smiles) #TeamDarris of course! I am nothing without my fans, supporters and mentors. Lupe Fiasco, Kid Cudi, Kanye West, and Stevie Wonder inspire me. Personally I like those that I named because we share the same passion and have RAW talent. They all are outstanding performers and just go all out when they’re on stage. Just like me. I am attracted to greatness and exude that type of light as they do. When I’m on stage I bring what I call the Experimental Hip Hop Rock Fusion. Every artist creates an experiment. Hip Hop is what I do vocally. Rock is what I bring to the stage. Fusion is all of that wrapped up together. Turn up! (laughs) But really, Stevie Wonder is a big motivation for me in the music game. He is talented as hell. People talk about Michael Jackson being the best but Stevie Wonder is the King of Music! He’s the Grammy Man!

TWHBW: You address women as queens a number of times in your music, what inspired you to feel the need to address women that way? It’s rare in hip hop.

Robins: The heritage dates back to a time where we adored our women. The negative words we call them now is no where near close to how we called or treated our women in the past. Back then women actually knew what it was to be a woman, wife and mother. So we as men referred to her as such. When I call women queens, I want to somehow switch on the ancestral memory of who they are. (smiles) You’ll hear a lot of reference to my love for queens in my song “Wounded Womb”

TWHBW: What would you advise other upcoming artists?

Robins: Never doubt yourself. It’s counterproductive. Focus in one direction. Bring positivity all the way; like in the way you talk and the people you associate yourself with. You will go so far by focusing in one major direction. I would also say support other artists. Network. Look outside of your label or clique and link up! In particular, I believe you should have support and love with your home city. I love meeting and working with other artists from my hometown in Saint Louis. We have major talent. If we lift each other up and exude that support, we’d stay on top. Missouri is the Show Me state so why not show up and show out? STL Stand up!



SHOW STARTS @7PM! FUBAR :3108 Locust Street St.Louis, MO 63108

Entry:Minors $3/Adults $5

Also Darris Robins will be shooting a video shoot in St.Louis for hit single “Out of Self” from the MBDFYIC album. Stay tuned with for location, date and time!

Darris Robins is currently booking shows. For more info and great music go to to download.

Want to see him in action? Check out this YouTube video that more than 23,000 people viewed! Join the movement! #teamdarris

Follow Darris Robins on Twitter @darrisrobins, Like on Facebook: and Follow on Instagram: @darrisrobins

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