Why Lie?

blushed when you said I was beautiful instead of sexy

I smiled when you kissed me softly on my

I felt warm inside when you only held me while others were watching
But I cringed at the sound of your name,when I heard you

I was content with being your friend
Yeah more than friends was ideal
But only if you kept it real
100% of the time
I laid all my cards on the table for you
But when you laid yours,one card appeared that canceled the game out

I never asked you to look at me like
like no one else mattered
I never asked you to tell me I was the only one
I asked you to be with only me
So why lie??

I was ready
Ready for the unthinkable
Just for you
My heart was telling me yes
My gut was telling me no
Since my heart has betrayed me
I only had my gut left

But I didn’t want to face reality
I pushed my intuition aside even though she’s always right

I never asked you to hold me tight
Never asked you to say everything will be alright
Just tried to be a good friend
Possibly your forever
Your always
But you lied

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