the BIG day

Heart beating fast

Today is the big day

The day every girl dreams of

Me personally I dream Vera Wang

Rockin it graceful down the aisle

Just to see you smile

Maybe even see your eyes water for a little while

Everyone’s gathering around

To see a new found love

Sharing a lifetime with someone

Is a blessing to cherish from Him above

He sent you in my life

He let you warm my heart

I never saw it coming

But I know what we had was just too short

The church doors open

The wedding bells ring

The pianist starts singing

And that’s when I see her

Walking down my aisle

In my Vera Wang

Then I look at u and that smile

It changed everything

Maybe she’s meant for you

I’ll just sit here in the pew

Jump over that broom

Get outta here

My tears will dry up soon

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