Stop Crying Over Spoiled Milk

This old saying refers also to the statement I believe in: stop crying over situations you got yourself into. No, not every mistake is your fault but we have to take accountability for our actions. If you touch the boiling pot once, and it burns you… That’s a lesson learned. If you go back and touch it again thinking it won’t be hot this time,you took the risk and if it burns you don’t cry about it because it could’ve been avoided. This applies to any life situation: relationships, friendships, jobs and more. We all have intuitions. If you feel uneasy about a person or situation don’t ignore it. It can be a warning to stay away.
Stop crying over friends that weren’t real in the beginning. Just be happy that you’re released from the situation. If you keep looking back, you won’t be able to accept and receive future blessings headed your way.
Persistent grieving produces personality transformation. Over time of holding on to dead issues, it will take a toll on your personality. And in the words of the famous Tamar Braxton, THAT IS NOT HOT. Also you’ll no longer look at the world as it really is.

You have no control over how people act in your life but you can control how you respond.

If you are in the passenger seat of God’s car,stop adjusting the rear view mirror to see what’s been left behind you. You’re hindering God’s ability to move you forward. You may think you’re ok but you have no idea where God can lead you. When you are in tune spiritually the enemy is a half step behind to try to tear you down. This means you are on your way to happiness and success. If you are solely at peace with life, the enemy is at peace with you because you’re not serving his enemy,the lord. Walk every day with a smile. There are sunny days ahead. When the milk spills,it’s okay to be untidy this time. Just don’t acknowledge it,instead walk away.

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