I changed his name to Do Not ________

I know I’m not the only one who has used personal clues on not answering calls from certain people. For instance if I meet a guy and we speak on the phone and things go south, what’s to do? Yea we will say “You know what? Maybe this won’t work. We shouldn’t speak anymore” but some people don’t take it so well. And some people seem not to understand! So thats when the name changes in the iPhone. I’ve used anything from “Do not answer” “waste of time” “idiot” “waste of skin”. Yes these may seem a little harsh but they help. So as soon as I see it I won’t answer. BUT here’s a big but….I noticed that method helped me. Some guys like the chase. The cat and mouse game. When you’re too easy the fun is gone. So I noticed I was making myself a bit too available. Every time this guy texted me I responded immediately. Every time he called I answered with no hesitation. But that needed to stop. I actually needed to stop speaking to him period but it’s easier said than done so I used my contact message name method to help. And it did! I decided to change his name to Don’t Be So Available. So that way when he called I was automatically like Omg winnie don’t be so available to him. I pretty much was cautioning myself. Once I did that I didn’t jump to answer as fast. I didn’t respond so fast. Sometimes I didn’t answer or respond at all. Now I’m to a point where my focus is elsewhere as it needs to be. What are some names you’ve put it your phone to not answer or stand out from others? And why did you choose that??

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