Loving a man I never met

Lookin for you everyday
Never met you
Have always been told I’ll see you
One day
I’ve looked for you to show me love
I know you’re capable
I’ve heard good things about you
Even though reality could steer
Me from wanting to see you
Reality says,
“he’s not man enough for you”
“he won’t really love you”
“you deserve better”
But I keep lookin
I could’ve had you
But you ran
You could’ve been blessed with my presence
But you ran
You tried to take me out
But strong
I stand
Along the hands
Of my mother
Who’s never left me
Who’s always supported me
Who’s always loved me
Who’s finally introduced me
To a man
Better than you
You ran from being my father
You ran from fathers day cards
You ran from teaching me to fish
You ran from my high school graduation
But know one thing
I’ve found a man
Actually 3
Who are the most important to me
They go by the name of
God, Dirk and Sidney

God has shown me the path
To carry through life

Dirk is a true father
My step father
Who walks any path
To support me and protect me through life

My son
My other half
Who’s given me life
Who I live for
And won’t stray from

But don’t you dare
Run to me when you get the chance
I’ve learned to love man
Gracefully without you

Because when you try to run
Run for me
I’ll be out of your reach
Because I’m far above you

But just know I loved you
I yearned for you
I looked for you
I waited

Then I looked for more
Now I don’t want you

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