Relation-tips (what guys need)

Had a conversation with a girl today about tips on what guys need. Ok I’m not a man and I don’t understand how they think. Yet I do know to treat people as you’d like to be treated. I hear guys complain all the time that young ladies don’t cook, their mean, inconsiderate, unappreciative, and more. Unfortunately in relationships the guy is expected to be perfect. Which is humanly impossible. It’s ideal for a woman to not have to carry the relationship. Though guys need just as much appreciation as the woman. Listen to Usher Raymond’s “Trading Places”. Treat your boyfriend or husband on a date. Maybe to his favorite restaurant or something he’d just like. That will def be a winner. As much as we want our guys to listen attentively to us we have to give the same respect. Listen how he talks about family. Or what he’s passionate about. You then can randomly tie in something personal he shared with you into a surprise date or treat! This will show that you’re more into him than just physical. And if he’s a good guy he will start going the same route for you. I know some girls go after a guy with the “I’ll get this and that outta him”. If you jump in with that attitude he will see your motives and react accordingly. Yea he may up some cash or whatever you want but it won’t last and neither will you with him. You get what you give ladies. Loosen up. Smile. Have fun. And let go of any past heart breaks!! 🙂

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