Interviews = Dating??

Talking with a Caucasian young lady, we were sharing info about each other and as I am a young girl in my twenties, i am supposed to do all of the twenty something things shop, maybe work a part time job,possibly attend school,party,drink,party,have sex,shop,have sex, party and just live life with no worries. Although I am on a different path. I have so many hats. And being this conversation was between me (a black young woman) and a white young woman, she stated, “How do you ladies do it?”  I asked what she may have meant by that. She said, “Every black woman I have met hasn’t just been a mother, or just a business woman. They have at least 3 hats they where!” I took it as a compliment that we can be that resilient. Although, where does this need to be such a hardworker come from? Black women have the statistic of being baby mommas aka single mothers, with that being said you are mother and dad. Is it a psychological effect? Do we feel we have to prove ourselves? Any woman of any color can where many hats, but do the hats of black women stand a bit higher?Image

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