Why Are You Single? Honestly.

ImageWhat are the most frequent questions you’re asked in the dating world? Things such as name, age, occupation, hobbies, etc. Well once you’re done with the basics that’s when the interesting questions arise. I’m pretty sure you’ve been asked many times, “Why are you single?” Now you have to be careful. Some people genuinely are curious, others don’t care really or it could just be a conversation starter. My question to you is, how do you respond? Do you tell the honest truth or do you boast on yourself? Do you say, “Ya know, I’m single because I hate men/women. All I come across are losers and no one is dating material. No one is trustworthy.” Blah. Blah. Blah. Enough Bitter Bobbi. Or do you respond, “Hey I’m single because I want to better myself. My priorities aren’t the best and I’d rather not pull anyone into my life of havoc.” Although, what about this response, “I’m single because I AM STILL HUNG UP ON MY EX. I didn’t want things to end. I wish to work things out but all wishes don’t come true.” Was that too much for you? Now there is nothing wrong with being honest but these aren’t the best ways to respond. I just never understood why people ask that question in the first place. Its up to each person’s curiosity though. I think sometimes we try to fool others into painting this perfect image of ourselves that we even fool our own minds into believing it. If you tell someone, “I don’t know why I’m single. I am stunning. I have a successful career. I don’t have any children. I am flawless. I can be the perfect spouse to anyone. But no one sees that.” Now we can deny it but some people actually believe they are perfect. There is nothing wrong with being confident and realizing everyone doesn’t deserve you but I would say when it comes to getting to know someone just RELAX. You may not even understand when you’re single why you’re single. If you understand why you’re single, don’t brag too much or make yourself look negative. The next time someone asks you that, think thoroughly before you answer. Depending on that person’s personality, base your response off the vibe you get. So lets try some role play.

You: Winnie why are you single?

ME: I am single because I wanted to be available when you were ready to sweep me off of my feet.

I am single because I always want the best out of life and I’d want the best out of a relationship so in order to get it you have to give it. Which means I am improving myself to be the best for my knight in shining armor.

I am single because I believe in establishing friendships first and no one has moved out of the friend zone just yet.

Now those are just examples. They may not be the best but they all are inviting, friendly responses. And that is what’s most important. When you’re single, and even when you’re networking, BE INVITING. BE INVIGORATING. BE INTERESTING.

So last I will ask this, “Why are you single?”

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