The Power of the Hair??

Talking to a girlfriend of mine recently brought a few things to light for me. Yes we know within society most men are attracted to women with longer hair as opposed to women with a short natural look. Now there are men who are infatuated with women with natural hair but that is scarce. What started our conversation was a night me, her and a couple friends met for dinner. One of the gentlemen that met us there brought a male friend as well. I showed up fashionably late so I missed some things. Apparently, my girlfriend who rocks a short natural do (which is gorgeous on her) was having a great conversation with this new guy at the table. Then I arrived. With my 16 inch weave. I didn’t think anything of him flashing his pearly whites at me or grinning ear to ear. I just thought he was a happy young man. But my girlfriend told me he lit up once I arrived and she really thinks its because of my hair. I find it amazing what power hair can have. People will either draw to you or away from you based on a style, texture, color or length.

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

-Martin Luther King, Jr. ”

I think that that applies to hair as well. We cannot judge by outer appearance. Get to know that person first. A simple hair weave can make you perceive someone very falsely if you let your imagination take you that far. That guy who was so enticed by me and “my hair” probably assumed I was just this naive, fly by night type of girl. Not saying girls with long hair are like that. But I did tell my girlfriend her appearance is a lot stronger than mine and her short hair can be intimidating. I feel that short natural beauty exudes strength, independence and self confidence. Some guys can’t handle that from a woman. Some other women can’t handle that from another woman. And that’s okay. That’s life. That’s what society bashes into our heads. It’s up to us individually to see through the hair and embrace the person behind it.

Do you think your hair is that powerful?

Have you had any hair experiences that opened your eyes to something different?

One thought on “The Power of the Hair??

  1. Hair Detanglers says:

    Very Good post,

    Hair is so very powerful. Do we really value our hair ?

    We take for granted the need for safe removal of weaves or matted tangled hair after taking a weave out-until we start going BALD.

    Taking out hair weaves properly is just as important as adding hair in and maintaining.

    We offer products, training and services to protect and save hair when taking these styles out.

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