Making Men Feel Great and Powerful

So I was asked by my seven year old son to take him to see the new film “Oz : The Great and Powerful” I’d seen the trailers on television and I’d seen the billboards but I honestly got more out of the movie than expected.
“The Oz” is based off of the original “Wizard of Oz” although they put a nice spin on it. Instead of Dorothy from Kansas, there was the magician named Oz from Kansas. After an embarrassing moment in Kansas, he got caught in a storm and woke up in a fantasy like land known as Oz. Familiar right? Ok.
After meeting with the three witches of the land he learned that he needed to find and defeat the wicked witch in order to become the wizard and make the land full of good.
So first he met a beautiful witch. They formed a nice bond and she started to fall for him. Next he met another witch. She didn’t trust him. So she formed a distance between him and the first witch. Causing the first witch to become sad and heart broken. As she shed tears they burned scars in her face. And she became very bitter. That stood out to me because I think women do that a lot. A relationship doesn’t work out with a guy and the girl gets heartbroken. It scars her. She doesn’t want to let go and she may carry that hurt onto the next guy she meets.

Oz then met the third witch. She ended up being the good witch. As soon as she found out his plan she supported him the entire way. He confessed he was a imposter magician and he may not be the right wizard for the land. Knowing this information she didn’t give up on him. Instead she acknowledged his strengths, power and intelligence.She reminded him of what he was good at so he could defeat the wicked witch. This stood out to me because I believe that some women forget how to do that. Women tend to forget how to support. The third witch he met was destined to become his queen. Yet she didn’t focus on that. She focused on how to make him believe in himself to get things done. When the people of the land doubted him, she stood up for him. When enemies came their way to fight, Oz and this third witch were ready with a game plan. He remembered what he was capable of and went through with the plan to make the people happy but also because he had a major supporter right behind him.

Ladies how can you expect a man to prosper if you’re only pointing out his have nots, insecurities and flaws? Focus on the positive and you will be amazed with the turn around. A queen is there to hold it down. A queen is there to support and sometimes direct when needed. If you can’t do these things, don’t fuss at him about his problems. Instead build yourself up. See what you can improve. But in all be there for him.

I mean who do you think became his queen? The weak bitter witch or the supportive inspiring witch?

If you’ve seen the movie if like to know your thoughts!



17 thoughts on “Making Men Feel Great and Powerful

  1. Jerika Anderson says:

    I really enjoyed the piece, but in some cases a women can be as supportive as she can. Can build a man up as high as he can be but still end up with the bad end of the stick. So it just all depends on the man that u doing all these things for.

    • thewirehangerbywinnie says:

      I definitely agree. There can be guys out here that you support fully but they take it and run with it. Unfortunately that happens in life. That’s when an experience turns into a lesson. But I would also say be his cheerleader but not the agent. You can be there every step of the way to motivate and support him but don’t put yourself on the line or so far out there that you lose yourself in the game. Remember the goal ; the focus. Bring out the best in him. I know it’s easier said than done but a little push wouldn’t hurt! 🙂

  2. godtisx says:

    Wow, interesting rewrite of The Wizard of Oz. Now, I kinda want to see it. You also make good points. I just think a woman has to also use discernment and choose who to cast her pearls to (sort of speak). We are not to get behind it all, but check out a guy’s character, then get behind someone safe we see good in. Only reason I say this is, I think women tend to try to make every one we go soft on, some sort of one and sometimes the guy has no back bone. So then we get dragged. How most of us…become bitter. Discernment, then support.

  3. Donnie says:

    I do agree with the article and with some of the comments…but from my point of view as a young man my perspective may vary. I saw this movie the day it came out and had it not of been for this article I would never have thought to look at it that way…honestly. When a woman supports her Man U can tell in their relationship because you don’t see him out running around on her but him returning that support back to her. Not saying that all relationships are like this, but I’ve noticed when that support factor is there it stands out. Because let’s be honest…anyone who spends their time constantly pointing out what’s wrong with the other is a recipe for disaster. I loved the article and keep up the good work Winnie!!!

    • thewirehangerbywinnie says:

      Thanks Donnie! I’m glad I could make you look at the film a little differently! It made me think of Barack and Michelle our country is full of chaos and having the right president requires him to be knowledgable but also believable and confident. Michelle exudes that support that any man would die for. (In my opinion)

  4. Anthony Doss says:

    After reading this I want to go see the movie. It’s amazing where a person can learn from something least expected. With that being said I agree with you. I truly believe that women are the backbone of any successful relationship. As men we can only go so far on our own. Even when we say, “Naw bruh, I don’t need a woman I got this,” it’s just our pride holding us back from telling the truth. Behind any successful man there is a strong and powerful woman. Jay-Z, Barack, Will Smith, etc., just to name a few.

  5. DJ Royal says:

    I agree!! Love this post except honestly I skipped over some of the story because I didn’t want to know it because I plan on seeing it. LOL! But that’s a major premise that you pointed out. I agree that women need to play a submissive and supportive role. Not meaning your inferior just meaning that there shouldn’t be too much bickering but more encouragement.

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