Patience Is Key

Why are we so rushed? We want things to happen right away. It’s kind of like keeping up with the Jones’s. Rather than keeping up with the Jones’s we want to pass them up. Now there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make things happen. But everything needs a path, or some type of order formulated. We want to be rich overnight but have no clue the best step to get there. We see entertainers blowing money fast. Living everyday like it’s their last. That’s what’s glorified. If you want to be successful and financially happy, research the necessary steps to take. Implement those steps. Reach out for mentoring. Instead of living by the motto You Only Live Once, live by the motto You’re only judged once.
Living in the now seems fun and daring but living for Judgment Day is something we tend to forget.
We want to find our soulmate, yet we aren’t even clear what’s going on within ourselves as an individual. Before you can understand another individual you need to understand yourself. There may be a reason why he hasn’t popped the question. Instead of placing blame on others we need to take responsibility. Are you in your own way? Are you blocking your blessing with a seasonal distraction. When I say seasonal distraction I am referring to those who aren’t meant to be your forever but merely a life lesson. Don’t Block your Blessing. Stay in high spirits. Meditate. Pray. Though when you pray, think about this first:
Patience is key. You can’t rush perfection. Everything we are blessed with was for seen without our knowledge. When was the last time you rushed to serve The Lord, send out His message or do anything according to Him? We think twice sometimes before we decide to listen to God. So why would He rush for us?


18 thoughts on “Patience Is Key

  1. Linus Benjamin says:

    This is very true. We see all these false idols and Thad becomes our motivation. But little do most know, “if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”. Im going to take note because I know I don’t have patience at all, but Rome wasnt built in a day. God has a plan and a purpose for us all, but he deserve’s his praise and time as well! This was a Great post Winnie!

  2. Donnie says:

    It’s true we do glorify fast life…and when we are denied we move on leaving that plan behind but I think it’s because of the economy because it has nothing to offer us…these celebs already have money so they have connections and money to fund their own projects…we have neither we need the money RIGHT NOW

    • thewirehangerbywinnie says:

      Wow!!! Great standpoint on that!! People who have what we are anxious for glorify it. And they think since they feel on top there’s no coming down. But they don’t think about the long run. And with that I mean the golden gates. Fast money ain’t good money. All famous people aren’t famous for good things

  3. alonalove8 says:

    Totally totally love it Amen! God is good because I truly needed to read that this, this morning because my patience this morning was at the end of the road I
    Love the line ‘be in a rush to serve God’ love it passing it along.

  4. Anthony Doss says:

    This piece absolutely hit home. It’s what I’ve been telling myself for the past couple weeks. Blessings come and go, but as people we have to recognize the good and the bad. What a person wants may not always be what’s right for them. The person you want to date may not always be the person you need. You want that job, but it’s constantly being blocked. Don’t ask why. Just know its’s reason. The man upstairs knows all. Just let His plan for you be the only plan for you. Patience is the key. Good post. And thank you.

  5. Brant E says:

    Pure truth. The same things I look at all the time with myself and ppl in my life. But that’s the word, throughout the bible it repeatedly admonishes us to be patient but we ignore the message all the time. That’s an area in my life that I’ve made great progress but yet soooooo much more progress to make. U have a great gift of expression and communication, continue to keep God first and He is gonna supersede ur expectations and desires. God Bless

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