Are You In Love With Your BFF?

What are the qualities you look for in a person you’d consider to date or possibly marry? Now think of those qualities. Now think of the qualities you look for in a close friend. Think about what pulled that person closer to you rather than a person you only speak to a few times a year. Consider your very close friend or also known as your best friend is the opposite sex. Some of the mistakes people make every day are not recognizing what may be in front of them. If you have a best friend of the opposite sex, what doesn’t qualify him/her to be your soul mate? Best friends usually know everything about you, even things you don’t understand about yourself. Best friends usually know your family well and are accepted as family. Wouldn’t you love to meet someone that you can’t get enough of? Wouldn’t you love to have a special someone around family without the feeling of embarrassment, nervousness, or being uncomfortable? Trust me it seems unreal but it is possible. The relationship would seem to run a lot more smoothly. Most importantly you both are best friends for a reason. There is a bond, a connection between you two that a person, distance or a life change can break. If imagining life without this person makes you sick to even think about, there could possibly be love there. Consider your best friend’s decision if he/she doesn’t want to go that route. Although, make sure you both are on the same page and things could run smoothly. Make sure you both are you’re ready for a relationship while you discuss it. Consider the qualities you look for in someone when you allow them in your inner circle. The friend zone can be a smart choice for some people; just don’t let it distance you from what could be true love right before your eyes.


8 thoughts on “Are You In Love With Your BFF?

  1. Deb Sistrunk Nelson says:

    It’s interesting that you would choose this topic. It made me think, and that’s what good bloggers do.

    Your writing touches the soul, heart, and mind. I’ve been following your site, and your posts never disappoint. To date, this piece may be your best one yet. Keep writing, Winnie!

    • thewirehangerbywinnie says:

      If you don’t feel that love connection with them on a more intimate level, I wouldn’t force it. I wouldn’t force it regardless. You know that feeling when you see your crush with another person and you may get jealous? Ok what if you get that feeling about your BFF, most likely you want to be more than friends. The main thing is make sure you’re on the same page. If they’re your bff it should be easy to talk to one another. Just make sure It’s just you two when you decide to make the proposal about it

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