5 Places To Pamper Him on Valentine’s Day


When February rolls around and the stores and restaurants start decorating, it is always appealing. Although it is mainly appealing to the women. There may be a small section that will entice women to buy for men, but for the most part women are spoiled. Men like to be appreciated just as much. Not necessarily spoiled, yet just acknowledged every once in a while that you love, appreciate and enjoy him. Now with a lot of guys, they aren’t use to a woman treating them anywhere. Depending on your guy, there are different ways to show him love for Valentine’s day. Let’s switch things up and show the guys that we realize they work hard and deserve a little catering to. He may not accept it very eagerly because that is stereotypically a man’s role to cater, but just smile, look him in the eyes and say, “Let me cater to you.” What man would resist that?

1. Ginger Bay Salon and Spa- Located in Kirkwood, MO. Ginger Bay offers numerous packages to pamper your guy this Valentine’s Day. From the invigorating and energizing experience of their Sports Massage to their deep cleansing Men’s Essential Facial, your guy will definitely remember the experience. For more info: http://www.gingerbay.com/spa-for-men.php
2. J Gilbert’s- Located in Des Peres, MO. Known for its low-key profile and amazing reputation in just four other U.S. cities, J. Gilbert’s restaurant in St. Louis. Menu features USDA Certified Angus Beef and seafood cooked over open wood fire by master grill chefs using quality ingredients. J Gilbert’s provides a rich dining experience featuring a comfortable yet contemporary atmosphere, including a large fireplace and gorgeous wood bar ideal for a romantic date.
3. Mike Shannon’s-Located in downtown St. Louis. If your guy loves baseball, this restaurant would be the winning choice. The moment you walk in the door, you will be amazed. Your guy will immediately become mesmerized by the “tower of baseballs”, a 4-sided floor-to-ceiling display of autographed baseballs surrounded by elegant banquette seating.
4. Chandler Hill Vineyard- Only 15 minutes past Chesterfield Valley, just off Hwy. 94. You have to experience the elegant 5,000 square foot tasting room, winery, marketplace and restaurant. Also serving as a banquet, dining, corporate meeting and special event facility you’ll enjoy relaxing chairs and couches, large fireplace, flat-screen satellite television, Wi-Fi and other amenities.
5. Home Cooked Meal – It seems a bit simple and maybe too easy. Although with women today climbing up the corporate ladder, there aren’t as many days that the man of the house is able to enjoy a home cooked meal. Think of his favorite meal, or even maybe what cuisine you both enjoyed on a memorable date. Serve him dinner like the king you think he is, and trust he will enjoy it and remember it forever.

Words From the Guys

“A nice dinner. A home cooked meal. For guys it’s not about a place to go but more how we are treated. A dude will want to be treated like a king and catered to.” –Harrison 34
“I always wanted to ride the horse carriage downtown with my woman. That would be a nice surprise” –Frank 27
“Copia on Washington Ave. It’s nice enough to say, ‘I’m willing to spend a little money on a meal, as I expect you to.’ But not so expensive that I’d feel bad not paying for it. “ -Terrence 28

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